How Many Affiliates Do You Have?

Affiliate Army

Really. I mean it. Answer out loud. How many affiliates do you have who are sending you business on a regular basis? If you don’t have at least several, you are leaving money on the table. It’s one of the reasons I have a full-time affiliate manager to handle affiliate relationships, motivate them, and get them […]

Live Out Loud About What You Do

What do you do for a living? Depending on what you do (or don’t do) that popular cocktail party question either invigorates you or makes you a bit queasy. If it’s making you queasy, it’s because: You don’t know your talk track, so you don’t know HOW to talk about what you do. You work […]

Who Do You Want to Be?

Remember when you were a kid – full of hopes, dreams and imagination? What did you want to be? When I was a kid, it wasn’t a stretch to dream about being a millionaire.  Playing “pretend” millionaire was as easy as breaking out the Monopoly game and starting an empire. Remember when it was so […]

Are You Putting Yourself On Sale?

It wasn’t until I started working with Live Out Loud that learned that I needed to be putting myself on sale.  Worse, most of the time, I was outright giving myself away! I was stunned by the number of things I was doing for free that I could have turned into a cash machine.  For […]

The More Cash Formula and Your Skillset

Do you want more cash? Build a cash machine. Do you already have a cash machine (aka small business)? One of the most asked questions I get is what kind of business should I build today and how do I get it started? Let’s not worry about what is the best business to build in […]

Today’s Most Successful Cash Machine Trendchine

Do you know about the HOTTEST Cash Machine trend in today’s market? The video below will tell you ALL about it. This business has helped so many people get to where they want to be financially. It doesn’t happen for everyone – in fact, this is why most people give up on it, BUT there […]

The 5 Phases of Building Your Cash Machine

A cash machine is simply a small business that will get you on your fastest path to cash.
In other words, use your current skill set. There’s no learning curve, no need for a business plan, and no need for start-up capital.

Why People Buy

There are only a few reasons why people will buy from you. The obvious one is price. We buy books online through Amazon or Overstock because they are cheaper than our local stores. With the type of sales volume these sites have, they can afford to compete on price. But we don’t want to get […]

If You Do What You Love, Will The Money Come?

Some people will advise you to start a business based solely on what you’re passionate about. That theory is usually with the thought process that if you love what you’re doing, you’ll stick with it longer and have a better chance of success. I disagree. Personally, I recommend starting your cash machine in a niche […]

What is a Market Niche?

By appealing to smaller segments of larger markets, you can more effectively target customers and usually develop a strong and loyal customer base. This is good for building and sustaining your business income.

Losing Steam?

For the last couple months we’ve been talking a lot about getting in gear with new goals. For many, this is the time of year when those good intentions start losing steam. Are you finding that your resolutions are overcome by old defeating patterns? Ask yourself whether you’re WORKING on your goals or just WISHING […]

Loral Live Updates – January 29th, 2009!

Loral Live keeps moving along as the Live Out Loud team, including myself, head into Dallas!  I’m truly excited about what is sure to be a great experience for our new friends and teammates.  We’ll be coming back into Dallas for a Cash Machine Workshop and our final Wealth Building Blitz in the next few […]