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[QUESTION/CONTEST] * When is the right time to buy an airplane? *
I've had my Kingair for a few years now. It gets me from A to B pretty quickly, saves me time from dealing with airports and lets me drink as much wine as I want while in the air ;) I'm ALWAYS flying somewhere for events, speaking engagements, checking out new businesses, meetings, trips with my kids, etc. 
This thing is a LIFE SAVER. It's awesome & I love it.
Alright now, here's the contest:
The first person to tell me what was the primary reason why I bought my private plane will win 2 complimentary tickets into my next Make New Money event from Thursday, November 12 to Monday, November 16. This is my absolute hottest event because it's 100% online and people are earning an average of around $800 revenue through it. Some have earned as high as $40,000 – yeah, huge money being made here. We had about 125 people at our last event a couple weeks ago – our biggest program yet.
You can read more about the event here: http://makenewmoney.com/november2015
Tickets to Make New Money are sold for $97 and the curriculum retails at $2,495 – but the first person to answer this question correctly will win 2 free ticket (one for themselves and one for a colleague or partner). Here's the question again: What was the primary reason why I bought my private plane?
HINT ON THE QUESTION: Although my main reason for keeping the plane now is my CRAZY business schedule, it was not the primary reason I bought it way back when.
PS: I'll check back in later today or tomorrow to see your answers and declare a winner :D
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