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Questions people ask me: "How do I get started with no money?" "What's the fastest way to make money?" ... Go sell something. 
When you sell something, you make money. 
If you don't have services or products yet, sell someone else's.
The only reason you don’t have money is because you don’t know how to sell, what to sell or don't have anything to sell.
A lot of you have it out of order.
You think magically some money is going to come in and you magically are going to learn how to build a business with real revenue and real leads.
You think you need to build a perfect product or business before revenue starts to come in. 
We flip-flop the model here in my community and get the money first.
Pre-sales, deposits – whatever it takes to get money in the door and validate our idea concept. Then, we build and fulfill.
The bottom line here is you just have to have the courage to start.
The money is in the sale. You have to sell.
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