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Question one of my personal coaching clients texted me earlier this week that I wanted to share with you all: "If you had to hire the first three team members in a new business, what would they be?" It depends on your skillset.
If your skillset is technology, then you don't need as much tech support. If you don't have any tech knowledge, you're going to need support in that area.
Personally, I'm a great entrepreneur – I get a million ideas a minute. The daily management and systems, all that, I know how to do it – I just don't like to do it, so I hire it. 
The first 4 people I hired in my business were a personal assistant, an appointment setter, a housekeeper and an accountant – all areas which I knew how to do, but it would be most effective to get support. 
My general advice on who your first 3 to 4 hires should be are:
1) Appointment setter – Get someone to set your day, set your appointments and set your schedule. Your money is in these appointments.
2) Personal assistant – Too many people do too many small tasks that spends too much of their time & energy. Doing laundry, buying groceries, washing their car, buying clothing, walking the dog – these are things you can get a PA for to free up some of your brain power.
3) Accountant/marketer – Depending on where your cash flow is, you can go either way here. Either hire an accountant to help manage the cash flow you have or a marketer to grow your database and increase your online presence.
3A) Housekeeper – Depending on your personal life, I would get some help at home. A messy house doesn't mean you can't make money, but if you're spending hours a week cleaning your home from top to bottom, but your bank account isn't where you want it, something's wrong. If you have a perfect house but you're broke, something's off. You got to get your priorities straight.
Bottom line is you need to hire people that can subsidize and support your skillsets. Everyone is different but the core fundamentals stand – as you're building a team, build the areas that will free you up to do what you do best.
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