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In Cleveland today with the amazing Dan Kennedy Marketing & a group of my top-level community members!
Dan's the founder of GKIC Insider's Circle – one of the leading marketing organizations in the world. He's consulted Proactiv & written 20 books.
Quick overview of a lesson he just taught about the driving factors behind a marketing message: • 10% is the thing itself – the product & service
• 20% is YOU – your charisma & your character
• 10% is the competition – those selling something similar to you
• 20% is your media/place/distribution – where you market your thing
• 40% is THE MARKET – this is by far the most important thing. Who you are marketing to matters more than anything. Once you've found your audience, you win.
He's rocking it already!
Dan rarely does these private coaching sessions, but he's doing a big favor for my community... #DayWithDan #LoralLangemeier

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