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Marketing tip for my business owners, marketers and startups out there... 99% of the time, PAIN marketing is more effective than BETTERMENT marketing.
Here's what I mean:
Your target audience is more likely to respond to messaging that pokes at their pain rather than some that offers revitalization.
It's the "vitamins vs. aspirin" concept.
You offer people vitamins when they're healthy to keep them feeling healthy and they may or may not take them... But you offer people aspirin when they have a headache to help remove their pain and 9 times out of 10, they're taking 'em.
People respond to bad more than they do to good.
You might be thinking to yourself, "Well, I don't wanna come off too strong or mean"... to that, I'd say: It's not about you.
Marketing is about learning what makes your prospects react. If pain is more effective than betterment, then your job as a marketer is to position your message to capitalize on this.
You're giving people what they want, how they want to hear it.
As a marketer, the deeper you understand the psychology of your prospect – what makes them tick and what makes them move – the easier it makes your job to craft your message in a language they're likely to respond to.
Your offer doesn't have to change, but the positioning and tone of your message makes all the difference.
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