3 Ways Joining A Coworking Space Can Grow Your Business & Save You Thousands

When I was growing up, the thought of working in the same office with people who you weren’t actually working with was foreign.

Nowadays? Getting into a co-working space is the way to go. It could save you thousands per year in office expenses – and taxes.

I’m actually in the process of turning my entire Lake Tahoe facility into a co-work space called Your Nevada WorkSpace. It offers everyday business services like high-speed wireless internet, private office space, phone service, and resident agent service.

You’ll also have access to my programs – so you’ll have the space, freedom, and know-how to grow assets and alternative investments.

And the best part is, you can use it to for major tax savings.

Read about these tax breaks and a few other benefits of grabbing a co-work space for your business, wherever you are:


I always encourage entrepreneurs to “hang their sign,” and you can’t really do that in your residential neighborhood. There’s no parking, you may not have the proper permits .. but the amount of marketing it takes to get out of your home and let people know you are in business is substantially more than the $200-400 per month that a co-working space would cost.

If someone Googles you, would you rather they see the UPS Store at your address, or a professional office space?



Being overtaxed is a choice. Why not make the choice to use the 78,000 pages of tax code in your favor?

We’re going to help people conduct business as a Nevada LLC or corporation because it’s the best state to set up a corporate entity.

New IRS codes say that you can’t just have a P.O. box anymore to establish a corporation in Nevada, you have to have a lease in an office you can walk through in case of an audit. Your Nevada WorkSpace will give businesses this advantage.


I’m not a fan of being a “solo-preneur” or a stay-at-home entrepreneur. It means that you’re starting BY CHOICE from a place with higher obstacles.

I look at solo-preneurs and think, “You must love suffering!”

When you make your business hub a co-working space, you’re putting yourself ahead by surrounding yourself with other businesses.

Take advantage of the collaborative nature of a co-work space. You’ll have people talking about your product that you may not have had otherwise. And if you’re building a team, a co-work space provides access to high-skilled people looking to join ventures.

There you have it!

If you want to learn more about why co-working spaces are the future of work, listen to my Real Money Talks podcast, Co-Working Spaces - We're Building an Awesome One.” Be sure to subscribe, rate and review.

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