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Sorry, but it's true...

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Hi, this is Loral, and I'm here with my team and we're talking about you.

You are that person who's sitting out there going…

“Oh I wish I hade made more money…”

“Oh my god, I hate over paying taxes…”

“Oh my life sucks because I don’t have investments…”

Well we've been here for a long time and you have actually been here for a long time.

You have a ticket and you've been stalking me.

You have said that you want to make money but your lying to yourself, so you have to get over that.

You are still a sole proprietor and you’re not incorporated.

You don't have a freaking clue on how to invest.

Let me tell you something, I've been sharking for over 20 years, before Shark Tank even existed.

I am doing 39% in a trading account and I’m doing 44% in a Gas & Oil account.

I am making more money than you ever dreamed of in your lifetime, while you sit on your ass over there…Sorry but it's true.

I’m really, like kind of tired of it. And you should be tired of it too!

I am really changing my model one more time.

I'm going into the new kid on the block… Cannabis, Hemp, bit coin, all these new cool things but I have a three day workshop that can encompass all of it.

You have a ticket.

You're interested.

You’ve clicked on something (Our email broadcasts, texts, webinars, Facebook lives).

You need to get it together…so why do you sit over there saying… “I’m too busy and broke!”

Then just stay there.

But then don't complain that you want to make money because we're really over it.

I have no time for therapy.

I'm only interested in those of you who want to get to it!

I’m about a raise and ungodly huge fund for cannabis investments.

We’re going to do grows all the way from Canada to California to Nevada.

We're going to make it happen.

We've got real estate, franchises.

So many cool things to introduce you to and educate you about but you have to care enough to show up.

So here's our gift to you.

You're going to call the number below, 775-461-1377.

You're going to talk to Gabe, Most likely; we have a whole team, but most likely Gabe.

Then you're going to sign up for an off Wall Street Asset Workshop because we don't want stupid people hanging out with us. (Uneducated Money is the worst)

We're going to educate the pieces out of you for three days and as a bonus we're going give you a ticket to either a real estate seminar or a cannabis seminar.

I sell those workshops anywhere between $500 to a couple thousand dollars!

This is your last chance, last call.

We like you.

We love you.

We pray to God you get your life together… but only you can make that decision today.

And this is it.

If you don't take action today we are going to cancel your ticket because you chose to never call us back.

I know it’s harsh but we're on to making a bunch of money with a whole bunch of cool people who want it.

So, are you in or out?

Call the number now - 775-461-1377.

Right now.

You get a BONUS ticket to a Real Estate or Cannabis workshop just for attending, but YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP.

Heck if you negotiate it, we'll give you both of them.

We just want to change your life because you said you wanted it.

Let us do it.

Talk to you soon.

You should be tired of it too


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