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As a professional committed to success, you know there are many ways to compliment your expertise so that you clients and customers receive even more value from working with you. Marketing complimentary products, programs and services from affiliate and Joint Venture partners to your own list is one of the best ways to generate extra income and give even more value to your customers.

Choosing the right programs for them is key.

That’s why aligning your business with professionals who have a proven track record for both integrity and results – those at the pinnacle of their field – is so important. First, you want to to affiliate with partners who provide high quality training and programs that positively impact lives. You also want partners who have trusted tracking and sign-up systems, high-caliber promotional material, a proven sales and service team, and a track record for results!


& The Millionaire Maker Team

As the founder and owner of Live Out Loud, Loral Langemeier has helped thousands of people achieve – and often exceed – their wealth-building goals. Her New York Times Best-Selling books, extensive library of digital home-study courses and signature coaching programs provide a broad range of complimentary products for affiliates to offer their communities.

From member site training to live events and robust coaching programs, there’s something for any entrepreneur to leverage for further success.


Live Out Loud Affiliate Program is a comprehensive, “plug-n-play” platform that gives you all the tools you need to help your clients and customers gain valuable wealth-building skills, learn the foundations of a success mindset, and find opportunities for leveraging their investments to actually make more money. The company’s training programs were created specifically to help people make, keep and leverage their money quickly, without spending decades digging themselves out of consumer debt, or avoiding investing in the programs and services our Affiliate Partners offer.

  • Affiliate Commissions on Membership Programs (100K Challenge, Live Out Loud Academy)
  • Affiliate Commissions on Digital Programs
  • Affiliate Commissions on Books

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Why Partnering with Live Out Loud Makes Sense for Your Business


Complimentary Add-Ons to Your Services

The Programs, training and events offered by Live Out Loud are a complement to many training and coaching programs . Whether you are a Business Coach, Real Estate Consultant, Marketer or other expert serving people focused on wealth-building or entrepreneurial success, the programs available at Live Out Loud are an ideal complement to your professional guidance.


Happier Customers for You

Live Out Loud’s programs make whatever you do with your clients more powerful. Whether tactical, strategic or mindset-focused, they are designed to help people accelerate their wealth quickly. This is nothing less than aligning people’s minds (and wallets!) so that they cooperate fully with your programs, products and services. By getting their minds and money aligned with your work, you’ll have more successful, happier customers!


Higher Success Rate

Live Out Loud has a track record for making millionaires. But besides our 7-figure clients, we’ve also helped many thousands achieve their six- and multiple six-figure goals. These successes make it easy for us to stand by our promise, resulting in higher conversions on sales.


Add Revenue to your Bottom Line

Live Out Loud’s programs are an ideal enhancement to add revenue to your bottom line. With our XX% Affiliate payouts, by simply introducing the program to your clients, community and lists you can rapidly generate more money and new income streams for your business.


Long-Term Results

Live Out Loud’s programs are much more than a quick cash injection!  While cash injections are great, our programs offer a real solution for making long-term financial change. By introducing our programs as a complementary support to your current offerings, you can feel confident in the long-term results for your clients. You’ll feel so much better and of course … so will they!


Easy, Plug-n-Play System

As a Live Out Loud Affiliate, you get a true plug & play system to be able to inform, educate and invite your clients to discover our complementary products – without having to waste your valuable time generating promotional materials. You’ll gain access to emails to send to your database, tweets and posts to use on social media, banners, buttons and updates when new products come on board.

Our Affiliate Program is offered by Invitation only. We believe in the power of like-minded and growth-focused partnerships. In this case, the size of your list doesn’t matter – your relationship to your list does. Here are some of the things that our affiliate partners have in common:

1. A well-established following

2. A high degree of consistent engagement with their following

3. Traffic to their business, website, and social media sites

If we find that your application is the right fit, you’ll hear from us via email within 2 weeks (and probably sooner!) with your affiliate login details for our program.

If you don’t hear from us by then, unfortunately your application was not successful – Yet! This being said, if you further develop your program/website/community at a later date, we’d be delighted to review your application again. Thanks for your understanding!


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1. How do I sign up for the Live Out Loud affiliate program? Are there any requirements to sign up?

All you have to do is fill out the application form here. The form includes sections requesting information about your website or business. Please include as much as you can here, so that we understand your business better. After filling out the application, please allow us at least a week to review your application.

2. I lost the website address to your affiliate area, how can I retrieve access to my affiliate account?

You can log in to our affiliate platform again here. And while you’re at it, why not take five seconds right now to bookmark our page so we don’t lose you again 🙂

3. I forgot my password/username, how can I retrieve access to my account? How can I reset my password?

Head to our Affiliate page here and click the “Forgot Password” link. A window will appear where you can enter either your email address or Affiliate ID. A new system-generated password  will be sent to your inbox automatically. From there, just use this password to log in to your affiliate account, then create your own new password.

4. I need to update my account details. How do I do this?

Click on the Account Tab on the top navigation menu. This will take you to the Account Information page where you can click on Edit Account to update your details.

5. Who do I contact if I am having trouble with your Affiliate System?

You can contact Thomas Holland at