Join Loral Langemeier and her Millionaire Maker Team for

Investing and Building The Cannabis Industry

The Investing in The Cannabis Industry Workshop Live Recordings

What you will learn in the course of these 10 videos is far beyond what you would learn at a Graduate school or anywhere else.

In fact, you can’t find this unique education anywhere else. Very few people have access to the Cannabis experts I know and the financial experience I bring.

The emergence of the legal Cannabis industry is providing one of the few and truly lucrative investing opportunities within our life times.

The Investing and Building The Cannabis Industry took place from October 19-21, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. All of the classroom sessions were recorded and are available for purchase.

Event sessions included:

  • A general overview of the current legal environment for Cannabis and the pat towards legalization nationally
  • An in depth look at how Cannabis production licenses are obtained and how legislation is produced to favor Cannabis production
  • The science of creating edible (non inhaled) Cannabis products.
  • An in depth look at Cannabidiol oil products such as Billy's Bud
  • How investing in Cannabis production can up-level your wealth building
  • A look at the Cannabis plant production life cycle
  • The art of growing Cannabis using hydroponic technology
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We've got the answers to questions like:

  1. What is the current and future legal status of legal Cannabis?
  2. How are financial experts and investors becoming involved with Cannabis?
  3. What are the active ways you can become involved in Cannabis?
  4. What are the different Cannabis products available in the market?
  5. Are there passive ways you can invest in Cannabis?

You will not find more education about Cannabis for a lower price ANYWHERE!