Live Out Loud Field Trips

You’re Invited To Join Loral Langemeier & Her Millionaire Maker Team For Exclusive On-Site, "Behind The Scenes" Field Trips Of How Multi-Million Dollar Companies Invest & Grow

Las Vegas, NV - May 3 and 4, 2018

The single biggest investing opportunity right now is the Cannabis industry and the advent of legal cannabis products and services.

Attend this workshop to see how you can own and operate your own cannabis based business by walking through several cannabis based businesses and learning from current cannabis business owners.

Attend this field trip to learn:

  • About business operations during a private Dispensary Tour
  • The current legal environment and the future of legal Cannabis
  • How Loral and her team of experts are involved with Cannabis
  • The active ways you can become involved in Cannabis
  • Tthe passive ways you can invest in Cannabis
  • The different Cannabis products available in the market
  • And more ...

This event will also include:

Touring & Education. This is where you’ll learn directly from Loral and the business experts she introduces you to.

Networking & Masterminding. One of the biggest requests we receive is more time to connect and network. That’s why we designed this event with plenty of extra time for you to connect, make deals and mastermind with your peers.

Due to the nature of this event, there is limited seating.

Event registration will be capped at 80 attendees.

The general admission price for this event is $197 to attend, but if you’re a valued member of the Live Out Loud Big Table Community, you can attend this event for free. This fee covers the basic costs associated with organizing this event and securing experts for you to learn from.

*Does not include travel expenses.

$197Retail cost to anyone outside of the Live Out Loud community.

$0Cost if you're in The Big Table.

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There’s NO other place you’ll learn information like this.

Not even a Harvard MBA program gives you access to the type of knowledge you’ll gain by spending time with Loral and her expert partners.

The BEST news is that you do not need to be ready to invest in new companies and deals to benefit from these field trips.

Part of building your Wealth Cycle is getting educated on the type of opportunities that exist. The more you know, the better you can create a plan that fits YOUR needs and goals. These Field Trips will play an incremental role in the development of your long term wealth plan. Getting educated is an essential part of building wealth and these Field Trips are rare opportunities to learn how you can expand your business and wealth creation in the long run.

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