Lunch With Loral – October 26, 2016 Replay

2016-09-28 12.00 Lunch with Loral - September 28, 2016 from Live Out Loud on Vimeo.

View a replay of 5-Time New York Times bestselling author Loral Langemeier's "Lunch with Loral" Q&A special!

On the webinar, Loral fielded a variety of questions from the audience regarding starting a business, setting yourself up to maximize your 2017 tax return, the most profitable investments, and so many more.

At the end of the webinar, Loral offered attendees an amazing deal to expand their financial literacy and grow their momentum in these wealth topics by live streaming her Ultimate Millionaire Summit 2016 in San Diego!

Loral offered all attendees an exclusive deal for a live streaming pass for the price of one to her biggest and best wealth-building conference of the year for $397.

Here's what you can expect to gain at the Summit:

  • Learn how to make MORE money. We’re flying in world-class experts who will teach you how to uplevel your business and income, FAST!
  • Learn how to pay less money in taxes. Loral’s personal tax and business strategist will be sharing strategies designed to help you KEEP more of your money.
  • Discover why Off Wall Street Assets (Real Estate, Franchising, how to OWN a gas and oil well, etc.) are the fastest path to wealth.
  • Get access to vetted (Off Wall Street) investment opportunities that will get your money making money for you!
  • Learn how Equity Crowd Funding can help your business and your wealth.
  • Learn about self-directed IRA’s and how to get qualified money when you work for yourself.
  • Get educated on International Business Strategy and learn how to put it to use in your business.
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