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Episode 82: Valentine’s Day - Tips for Love and Dating that Translate to Better Business and Sales with Orion Talmay -

Valentine’s Day is this week. Love is in the air, and money is always in the air. World leading relationship coach Orion Talmay is here today to talk about dating tips that will make you irresistible, even as a sales person.

Talking IRAs with Joe Campbell -    'Traditional assets tied to Wall Street aren’t necessarily self-directing. It’s really everything outside of that which opens doors and allows you to truly invest in alternative assets.' -Joe Campbell Click To Tweet Joe Campbell is the Business Development Manager at Provident Trust Group....

The New Tax Code with Weldon Wulstein -

Weldon Wulstein is my CFO, CPA, and an extraordinary tax strategist. He is here today to talk about the new tax code. This is our first of many podcasts on this topic. This tax reform bill is sweeping and has the biggest changes since the 1986 tax reform bill. A lot of the benefits are directed towards businesses and entities. Weldon shares changes and strategies to begin creating a smart tax saving strategy.

Cannabis with Ben -  'I took the opportunity to meet with and talk with so many different cannabis operators. I quickly learned who knew what they were doing and who didn’t.' -Ben Click To Tweet   The cannabis industry is one of my favorite subjects, and it will...

Weldon Wulstein (Loral's CFO and Senior Tax Strategist) joins Loral on the show today to share his advice, thoughts, and opinions on what might happen when the interest rates go up, how it will affect our currency, and what consumers need to know to properly prepare themselves for this increase. -

Listen to this episode here. President Trump has said many times that he will be raising our interest rates while he is in office, and while I don’t believe we will see a significant increase until at least late-Summer or early-Fall, I do believe that…