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“Our mode was always to make a little bit of money in our personal development company and then invest elsewhere.” Jay Fiset Click To Tweet

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My friend Jay Fiset is back to talk about joint ventures, masterminds, and the advantages of each. Jay has been a businessman and entrepreneur for years. He is also a staple in the personal development space.

Today, Jay talks about how joint ventures can give you leverage and access that you wouldn’t normally have. He also talks about how once you have built relationships and influence, you can leverage that to create your own mastermind group. This group can be a resource to take everyone’s business to the next level.

“Anyone who has a company-sponsored retirement plan is used to only having 5 to 10 mutual fund options. If they don't like those options, the company doesn't give them any other alternatives.” -Edwin Kelly Click To Tweet

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‘Masterminds are one of the fastest ways to create income. When done well it gives us access to network resources, experience, and wisdom.” Jay Fiset Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Vintage style photo of a crowd, happy people enjoying rock concert, raised up hands and clapping of pleasure, active night life concept[02:09] Jay has been an entrepreneur for 33 years, and he has spent most of his time in the personal transformation space.
  • [02:27] He runs The Creator’s Code which has been attended by 40,000 people from all over the world.
  • [02:30] About six or seven years ago he created Mastermind to Millions. He had already been teaching how to have mastermind groups and just made it to the public.
  • [03:43] He has also had real estate and several businesses. He would invest his money elsewhere.
  • [04:28] Jay teaches authors and coaches how to create a mastermind for an additional stream of revenue.
  • [04:38] Masterminds are one of the fastest ways to create income. When done well it gives us access to network resources.
  • [05:00] We can 10x or 15x our access to resources experience and wisdom by masterminding with people who are movers and shakers.
  • [05:24] It’s one thing to go to a mastermind, but it’s a completely different thing to run one.
  • [05:39] When you create your own little mastermind joint-venture syndicate you can begin to strategically and wisely put together a team of people that can go out and print money.
  • [07:06] Joint ventures are one of the fastest ways to make money.
  • [07:45] Hand select people for deal flow in cannabis, crypto, AI, etc.  Ride the wave of technology that is coming. Just one great deal will create multiple seven figures.
  • [10:25] The first step is to join joint-venture communities.
  • [11:09] Everybody listening should join Jay’s community globally.
  • [12:35] Jay built his reputation by strategically attending events and targeting certain people.
  • [12:52] Once you figure out who you want to support and start supporting them things start to move.
  • [14:29] Being onstage didn’t take Loral long to gain a massive following.
  • [17:18] Start with a smaller group not a larger group.
  • [18:54] You can always start a JV group before you start a mastermind group.
  • [19:21] It takes influence and traction to launch a mastermind and the way to get there is through joint ventures.
  • [20:04] The money and conversion happens when we are strategically borrowing the influence of other people that we are partnering with.

“It’s one thing to go to a mastermind, but it’s a completely different thing to create our own mastermind. Where we stand in the position of incredible leverage, influence, and power.” Jay Fiset

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