Emerging Opportunities With Crypto and Blockchain with Eric Carlin

“Bitcoin and Ethereum were the most well-known in the crypto market place, and they increased significantly since I started investing.” -Eric Carlin Click To Tweet

We are so fortunate to live in the time that we live in. There are emerging markets that have so much upside opportunity for investing. Markets in cannabis, crypto, and blockchain are in their infancy, and the potential is super exciting.

Today, we are talking about investing in crypto with Eric Carlin. Eric was already a millionaire when he joined The Big Table. He then started investing in crypto and became a millionaire all over again In this episode, he shares the exciting potential of crypto and one of the ICOs that he is involved in.

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“I now have 50 or 60 different cryptocurrency coins.” -Eric Carlin Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies (crypto currency) are digital money with decentralized ledger. Gold bitcoin and silver ethereum coins on the one hundred dollar bill[01:37] Eric was already a sales millionaire when he joined The Big Table, but he did it again and became a crypto millionaire.
  • [01:53] He has been a professional network marketer for the past 20 years. He joined The Big Table about a year ago.
  • [02:03] He started investing in crypto. The Money Rules and different skill sets really helped him get a grasp on crypto.
  • [02:42] He was introduced to crypto by a friend.
  • [03:34] He now has 50 or 60 different cryptocurrency coins. He didn’t understand everything about it, but it was a lot of fun learning along the way.
  • [04:06] Cryptocurrency is digital currency for the global economy. It is starting to be used in more transactions.
  • [05:09] Eventually, we’ll be able to purchase everything with cryptocurrency.
  • [06:01] You can find a lot of information about cryptocurrency online, but the key things to look at is the target market and competition with other coins.
  • [06:30] Is the coin trying to do the same thing as Bitcoin or is it trying to do something significantly different?
  • [06:36] Do the founders and the advisory board team have a track record?
  • [07:18] Anyone can start a coin so do your due diligence.
  • [08:00] A lot of millionaires were created in 2017 alone, so there are exciting opportunities.
  • [09:10] To get started set up an account on Coinbase. This is where you deposit your fiat currency and purchase crypto.
  • [09:56] Coinbase is the easiest way to get started. You set up your account and link it to your bank account and make your purchases. The demand for bitcoin is huge. You can buy fractions of coins.
  • [11:22] A possible crash depends on perspective and watching the market. Sometime overdue corrections happen.
  • [12:31] The entire market is a strong buy right now.
  • [13:32] Eric is involved in an ICO right now. He is an advisor and taking some new coins public. There is a lot of money to be made on ICOs.
  • [14:47] You don’t have to have a securities license to fundraise for projects.
  • [15:17] If a coin or project can solve a problem then you have something.
  • [17:00] Blockchain can be used for any type of transaction. There are real businesses and transactions happening behind the scene with this blockchain technology.
  • [17:41] Eric is involved with a coin that allows worldwide talent scouting. There are so many real businesses that can use this technology.
  • [18:46] Fans will get incentivised with coins when they upvote talent.
  • [20:02] If you are interested in this talent coin call Eric at (702) 592 5902.
“I didn't understand everything about crypto when I started investing, but it was a lot of fun learning along the way.” -Eric Carlin Click To Tweet

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