OsteoStrong Helping People With a Cutting Edge Investment Opportunity

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Finding an investment opportunity that also helps people is a winning situation. Today, I’m visited by Jerrold Ware who is a member of our community and a franchise owner of a new technology called OsteoStrong. He is also a regional developer, and he is joined by one of his partners Van Brower who is the Ohio regional developer.

This new technology uses vibration and a load bearing system to strengthen the bones, muscles, and tendons of the musculoskeletal system. It has been used for joint pain, osteoporosis, and athletic recovery. It is also a new technology with no competition. This growing opportunity is something to think about if you are interested in being a franchise operator or an investing partner.

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‘People of all ages can benefit from osteogenesis and the OsteoStrong system.’ -Van Brower Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Instructor in a gym explains a vibration plate to a woman[02:14] OsteoStrong is a unique system for strengthening a person’s musculoskeletal system. It’s a patented system that is organic and noninvasive.
  • [02:36] It’s a way to strengthen your entire musculoskeletal chain in about 17 minutes a week.
  • [02:47] The process uses science and special equipment to put a load on the bone.
  • [03:09] The science process is old. The basis of it is when you put a load on the bone it signals your brain to draw minerals.
  • [03:21] Osteogenesis creates new bone and new muscle tissue.
  • [03:34] OsteoStrong has been around for about 5 years and went global last year. They should have about 60 centers this year, and 50 more next year.
  • [04:13] The health benefits of OsteoStrong.
  • [04:34] OsteoStrong consists of a two-part system. Whole body vibration. We engage your body in a way to put a load on your bones for 7-10 seconds. This makes the bone strong and flexible.
  • [05:47] It takes about 4.2 multiples of a person’s body weight to trigger osteogenesis.
  • [06:10] People of all ages can benefit from strengthening the bones and the ligaments and tendons of the musculoskeletal system.
  • [06:34] Postmenopausal women are their largest client base, because the system was originally designed to help reverse osteoporosis.
  • [06:45] It’s also a fracture prevention strategy, and it helps with balance.
  • [06:56] They work with a wide variety of clients and also help with joint and back pain.
  • [07:47] The entire staff is trained through OsteoStrong university. They use a vibration plate and then move to the osteogenic equipment and do 4 exercises or trigger plates and then move back to the vibration therapy. Then they end with hydromassage. The whole process takes 20 minutes and clients only do it once a week.
  • [09:43] The process is trademarked.
  • [10:10] This is exciting for investors because there is no competition with what we do.
  • [11:40] The two sides of investing. You can be an active operational owner or just an investor.
  • [11:59] There are owners looking to open up additional franchises and investors are always welcome to help grow the brand faster.
  • [12:09] There are also franchise opportunities available for people who want to be operators.
  • [12:26] This is a blue ocean with so much opportunity if you want to be a passive investor.
  • [13:48] From a cost standpoint the franchise fee is about $35,000. The royalty fee is capped at $1500 a month.
  • [14:08] It’s about $250,000 for a store buildout with equipment costs and two or three months operating capital.
  • [15:00] A lot of Loral’s clients do franchises.
  • [15:26] How the franchisee is supported after starting up. There is a corporate network with marketing. They do print and social media and they have a Facebook forum. It’s their goal to make sure all centers sign up members, are off to a great start, and have positive cash flow.
  • [16:58] Every center offers two free sessions.
  • [18:47] They don’t accept insurance, but they do accept HSA or health spending accounts. There is a doctor billing code and they are getting referrals.
  • [19:49] We have many millionaires that have been made in the franchise area. Franchises can be affordable and we can help you structure some of the entities. People can even go in collectively with partnerships.
  • [20:20] People have used their IRA dollars to do these investments.
  • [20:41] The SBA has also helped out for startups.
  • [21:27] If you don’t have your health, it’s tough to keep your wealth. The biggest takedown for wealth is health problems.
‘OsteoStrong is exciting for investors, because there is no competition with what we do.’ -Van Brower Click To Tweet

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