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‘The condo will offer concierge service and will even handle distribution as we share our combined resources.’ -Loral Langemeier Click To Tweet

This episode is from a Facebook LIVE Lunch with Loral session. Today, I talk about what is going on in the world of Cannabis. This is a quick catch up with what me and my team and partners have been doing in the Cannabis industry. The Green Rush is going to be way bigger than the dot com rush. That is why I decided a year ago that I was going to get into the Cannabis industry.

My partners and I now have a 23 acre facility in Cathedral City where the condos will be. This will be an area for cultivation with shared resources. We will have a manufacturing facility and a dispensary. We have doctors working on the medicinal formulation of CBD and partners in the nutraceutical industry. On this show, I also share how you can learn more about the industry and partner and invest with us.

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‘We will share our combined resources to all help each other.’ -Loral Langemeier Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Two scientists conducting research in a lab environment[02:37] A year ago, I started a webinar on Cannabis. Then we had a Las Vegas Cannabis workshop with a tour of the cultivation and manufacturing facilities and the dispensary.
  • [03:13] Then we bought 23 acres in Cathedral City for use in the industry.
  • [03:36] We also have two investor groups. One will be doing private cultivation inside our condos. The other will focus on brain and Alzheimer strains created specifically for clinical trials.
  • [04:10] The 23 acre facility will be shared and everyone can do their own private label and brand.
  • [04:38] There will also be a dispensary at I-10 and Date Palm Drive. The gateway to the whole valley.
  • [04:45] Each member of the condo will do their own cultivation and we will continue to sell out the space and all share the manufacturing, dispensary, and security.
  • [05:15] The condo will be used for cultivation and combined resources will be shared to help each other. This includes security, distribution, water resources, and more.
  • [05:20] The idea is called creative condos.If you want to know more about the project you can email StartAssetEducation@Gmail.com.
  • [05:32] In Nevada, we have four licenses.
  • [06:00] I have moved in my sales team, and they will be doing joint health and wellness sales. There will be CBD products and other joint ventures including nutraceuticals. This manufacturing plant is for non-THC related products.
  • [06:54] Our crown jewel is a Columbia license with some growers.
  • [07:08] There will be a Big Table in the Palm Springs and Cathedral City area November 5th and 6th and then the next day will be the Cannabis event. If you are not in the Big Table Mastermind, you can sign up for the day and just do the Cannabis tours.
  • [07:50] I have been on a 3 year mission to figure out how Canadians can better invest in RRSPs or Registered Retirement Savings Plans.
  • [08:04] We are selling a lot of our assets to go public on the Vancouver exchange, and we will be teaching you how to do the same.
  • [08:53] On October 17th, Cannabis should be legal in Canada. We hope to have an event on that day. The amount of money moving through is incredible.
  • [09:30] The green rush is huge. I decided to get in a year ago. My heart and soul is on the medicinal side.
  • [10:12] There is a huge opportunities for dosing guidelines. Many businesses are popping up everywhere.
  • [10:56] Opportunities are popping up everywhere for software,legal and other businesses. If you are not in the space, it may be time to jump in.
  • [11:01] I am very interested in working with the Alzheimer groups and finding medicine to help people.
  • [11:34] It’s my goal to continue to lead and bring updated information to you.
  • [12:06] We have a group of doctors working with the folks at the plant who can help you find the right combination of what to take.
  • [12:20] Marijuana Millionaires is a brand new group that is going to be the combination of a best-selling book, a newsletter, and a magazine.
  • [13:19] We are creating a team of doctors, formulators, and experts around the Marijuana Millionaire group.
  • [14:30] If you want to be a shark, you need to know how these industries work.
  • [15:08] Next week, we will have a variety of folks from the Big Table here live.
‘The green rush is enormous. The amount of money and opportunities make the dot com rush look like it never even happened.’ -Loral Langemeier Click To Tweet

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