Why You Should Write a Book For Your Business

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As some of you may know, I’m a five-time New York Times best-selling author. I love books. Books are like our brains on paper. I’m even thinking about coming out with another book to write about all of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cannabis millionaires that are being made. It’s possible to create huge amounts of revenue with the right book and the right plan and product behind it.

Today, Melanie and Jenn from Elite Publishing are here to talk about why you should write a book for your business. Having a book can be a wonderful tool for making money and opening the door to bigger and better opportunities. Melanie and Jenn break down how to get started, book publishing best practices, and why you should throw perfectionism out the window and get to work.

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Show Notes

  • [02:06] Melanie owned TV stations and Jenn ran a web company. They were both always growing and learning.
  • [02:28] At a conference, Jenn had a great idea. Melanie was donating a vacation to the Dominican Republic to charity. They both already had best sellers on Amazon, but Jenn wanted to do a book writing retreat in the Dominican Republic.
  • [02:58] Our little book writing retreat joint venture started our company, Elite Online Publishing, and now we have over 1500 of our own books on Amazon and over 60 authors published on Amazon.
  • [03:22] Why do people need a book for their business. It is an asset that will generate you income. It raises your authority and expertise. It will get you media and speaker gigs and open doors.
  • [04:03] How writing Enthusiastic You took Joshua Evans career to the next level and now he gets $12,000 speaking gigs, he spoke on The Queen Mary, he got the franchise for TEDx in Texas. This was all because he was an author of a book.
  • [04:18] John Cody wrote about mobile marketing and then spoke at a medical tourism conferences. He recorded the interviews and launched a podcast and ended up being a consultant for the Country of Belize.
  • [05:10] Marilynn Barber’s Dress Like You Mean Business led to a news anchor segment.
  • [05:37] The value of a book can’t be quantified. The book is an asset you have around for the rest of your life.
  • [06:05] Books can make a little money, but it is the business around the money that matters.
  • [06:16] Books allow credibility to raise funds for projects. You don’t know where the trajectory of a book will land.
  • [06:58] Myths around writing a book. Loral likes interviews and recordings to send to editing.
  • [07:28] I lot of people don’t think they have time to write a book, but they can talk a book. Otter.ai is great for transcription. You can talk a book really quickly.
  • [08:41] What technology today we have all the time in the world. We can also repurpose our content.
  • [08:54] We love to repurpose and curate blog post content. This even turned into The Minimalist Movie.
  • [09:40] What’s the fastest best way to write a book.
  • [10:30] The 10 x 10 x 3 method. People are asking you about your expertise all the time.Take five minutes and write down all the questions you get asked and then take another five minutes and write out all the questions that should be asked. Then layer these questions with a story. Then give the aha moment that ties is all together.
  • [12:03] You could even start putting your book out on a Facebook live.
  • [12:45] Using Createspace. There are other companies like this you can use. You want your book in every readers hand, so you need an ebook and a paperback book.
  • [14:54] Having your book on Audible is also a great revenue stream. Having a hardback is also a great lasting expert platform to have.
  • [15:32] You want to have 135 pages so that the title of the book will be on the binding. In 2017 the fastest growing trend is audio books.
  • [16:23] Send your book to a CEO’s office because the physical book will get past the gatekeeper.
  • [16:55] Each chapter should send the reader somewhere, have all of your social contacts, have someplace to send your reader in the first couple of pages. Be sure to have an Amazon author page with a call to action in the first couple of pages of the book.
  • [18:22] Get the book out of your head as fast as you can.
  • [18:55] If you don’t get the first book out another one isn’t coming.
  • [19:49] You’re not going to grow if you don’t start. Nothing is going to come to you if you continue to hold everything.
  • [20:32] Yes is the answer. Figure out a way to get around the obstacles.
  • [21:27] Excuses. There are no excuses from not knowing what to say to not having the money. Figure out a way to make it work. It is a long-term investment. You just need to make up your mind to have a book as an asset.
  • [22:55] It’s super important to have a great cover.
  • [23:31] Have a great title and subtitle. Use software to search the keywords and categories. Have a call to action in every story.
  • [23:52] Throw your ego and perfectionism out the door and then just get the first one done. Get it started and do it.
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