The Millionaire Maker Game


The Millionaire Maker Game

This game teaches real world application wealth building skills as you live the life of an entrepreneur- where big deals are done daily.

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The Millionaire Maker Game is a fun way to experience Loral’s techniques for building wealth. Players learn about Wealth Cycles, direct investing, how to launch their own Cash Machines, and many more concepts and strategies for becoming a millionaire in real life, the Millionaire Maker way.

Players begin their path to riches with a wealth profile, ranging from debtors to cash-poor millionaires and everything in between. How rich will you be at the end of each round? It depends upon the decisions that you make along the way. Adults and children, as young as 10 years old, have been playing, learning, and having fun experiencing their fastest path to cash for months, and now you can too!

In this dynamic, and educational game of creating Wealth Cycles™ like the wealthy do, you can kiss your W-2 job goodbye and live the life you want to live, not have to live. Assume the role of a character in the game. Model your dream business after a successful mentor’s. Buy a six-unit apartment building. Purchase a share of an oil well. Get sued by a disgruntled employee. And more. Like real life for an entrepreneur, the game is filled with opportunities and challenges.