Thank You South Africa!
I can’t wait until your first Table with me! November 24-25th!

South Africa 3 Days to Cash
Bonus Day Audio

Please give it some time to load as the audio file is large and spans 3 hours of content. If audio does not load click here.

As you know we’re opening up South Africa and many of you have helped make this possible.

I’ll be coming back Nov. 21-23 to hold another 3 Days to Cash Workshop. Now you know what this event entails. Go out now at get your friends and family to attend.

For helping me open up this country I’m going to share the success with you.

  1. If you bring 1-9 paying people I’ll give you 25% of each ticket purchase.
  2. If you bring 10+ paying people I’ll give you 50% of each ticket purchase.

Each ticket is 18,000 Rand.

To get set up as an affiliate contact

3 Days to Cash Resource page

For those of you that didn’t get the 3 Days to Cash Resource page, you can click below. All of the details about this power packed event are outlined there.

Cash Machine Prep