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06 May Introduction to Insurance

[jwplayer config="Custom Player_autostart" mediaid="21733"] Loral introduces Skip Shanagher and discusses the importance of auditing your existing insurance to make sure that you are not over or under insured for your needs. Skip describes the various insurance products that are available, how you can save money and...

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06 May Self Directed IRAs by Gary Bauer

[jwplayer config="Custom Player_autostart" mediaid="21730"] Loral introduces Gary Bauer and explains the difference between traditional IRA's and Self-Directed and “Checkbook” IRA's. Gary will teach you that you are not restricted to investing in the limited offerings of Wall Street brokerages. He shows you how you can lead...

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06 May Asset Allocation

[jwplayer config="Custom Player_autostart" mediaid="21724"] Loral introduces Robert Couch, financial planner and founder of Oil2, to introduce the concept of asset allocation. Asset allocation is the process of investing your money in places that will create the biggest, safest, and most consistent returns for you. Understanding proper...

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