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07 Oct 21st Century Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Do you remember those precocious kids on your block that had the Lemonade Stand? You might have been one yourself. Earning summertime cash for a new bike or spending money on the family vacation was fun, exciting and not at all complicated. It was simply a matter of gathering up Mom's pitcher (not the good one!) preparing some good old fashioned lemonade, throwing in some ice, and all the plastic cups you could find. A sign was colorfully created and hung from a table you dragged out from the garage and "POOF" you were in business.
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28 Jan What Now…?

You've decided to create your very own Cash Machine… now what? Our free 30 Minute Action Strategy Sessions have been a huge success since the New Year began. It's not a big surprise since many of you have decided this is the...

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22 Jan A Call To Action

Today, we as American's witnessed yet another profound historical event. It was a day that signifies growth, change, ingenuity, and unity. Regardless of your political preferences these are qualities that are at the core of every entrepreneur. All politics aside I was...

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