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“It’s the first time I have heard Loral,
 and she is awesome! I sincerely wish 
that entrepreneurship was taught in 
grammar school. Get yourself together
 and get yourself here!”

~ Tracy from Orlando

“It’s one of the first conferences I’ve gone to where I’ve had my own business, making my own money. And I actually made a lot of money here…I made $9,355!”

~ Bryson Schroeder – Dec. 2013

“From 2010 until now, I have developed the relationships along with the business acumen to grow. And now I’m expanding into an international market. I have a true business that supports me and my family…I have to give full credit to Loral.”

~ Jenny Telwar, June 2013

“If you haven’t ever attended one of Loral’s events, I’m wondering what cave you’ve been living in. Her events are fabulous. We have nothing but go-getter human beings who love YES! energy, and I happen to be one of them.”

~ Glen Moreshower – Aug. 2013

“Being around the Live Out Loud community is the best investment I’ve made in my life. And I will say that after 11 years of college, I don’t even teach what I have a PhD in. So if you want to get a PhD in learning how to create businesses, Loral Langemeier and the Big Table is where to go.”

~ Dr. Cindy Tant, June 2013

“What I’ve learned is to not say anything now to people who do not support you because it just takes you down.”

~ Nancy Sampson, June 2013

“As a Harvard MBA, I learned how to be the CEO of a big company, but not CEO of my smaller business.”

~ Patty Connolly, June 2013

“Every single thing we need to do for our business is being hand-fed to us by Loral and her team of experts. There literally is no other business partner around, business development system around, I’ve been to many, many seminars, many wealth development, real estate investment — I’ve pretty much been to all of them. And Loral is the piece for me that is going to pull everything together and make me successful.”

~ Anne Sober, June 2013

“I came back in September (2012), again, on faith. Not really knowing or having any expectation of what the Big Table was. And was paired up with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known in my entire life. People who are like-minded as myself. People who are starting their own businesses as I am. As I’ve gone through the program, Loral has introduced us to several different resources that can help us as we grow through this process…I can definitely say without Loral Langemeier and her program, I would not be where I am today.”

Cliff Morgan, May 2013