Your Wealth Diva
Financial Education Course

Most people consider their financial situation (their income, debts and assets) to be entities separate from themselves.

In this exciting and dynamic course, you will discover that your childhood financial conditioning and the current culture drive the way we earn, spend, save, invest and think about money: the psychological and emotional paradigms that drive your financial persona. You will then create a new vision based on your goals and desires.

The course process is about the successful completion of a wealth building, foundational program. It acknowledges that you have begun the wealth technology process of generating a personal wealth plan.*

However, creating new paradigms and a vision is meaningless without a sound financial planning methodology to take you from where you are today to where you want to go! We simplify the analysis of your current situation and lead you to understand the financial options open to you. Learn to make choices and adapt behaviors that increase your wealth. Once you have a financial baseline, leverage your assets to accelerate more wealth.

Understand whether you are active or passive in wealth building and who should help you build wealth, your “Wealth Team”.

Discover the Money Rules that can accelerate your wealth. I’m glad that you’ve decided to join us in Creating Wealth Cycles for Women!!!

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Below is a summary of each course section:

I. Financial Conditioning -

Most of our conditioning about money and finances occurs at a young age. Discover the emotional and psychological paradigms that are sabotaging you! Understand the current cultural thinking as it relates to the different stages of your life. Integrate the powerful model that opens your mind to unlimited thinking and results.

II. Your Financial Baseline -

We guide you through a step-by-step process that lets you know what your current financial status is. Learn to create a financial filing cabinet; build a personal and business Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet. We provide tips and guidance to simplify this process and determine your net worth.

III. Financial Freedom Day -

Once you know your financial baseline, create a clear vision of where you want to be. Define your financial vision forecast, including a timeline: what will your line(s) of business be doing, what revenue will they produce, by when? Having a clear financial vision guides your behavior and allows you to lead your team.

IV. Managing Your Life Style Cycle -

Do you know the difference between bad debt and good debt? Do you understand the financial behaviors that result in credit card roulette, refinancing your home, consolidating your debt, bankruptcy and credit repair? We teach you to create a Debt Elimination Plan and an Action Plan for changing your financial behavior.

V. Building A Wealth Cycle Foundation -

Do you want to be an active or a passive investor? What strategies can be pursued for each type of investor? Learn the Money Rules that you have been conditioned to use and those that can build your wealth!

VI. Accelerating Your Wealth Cycles -VII. Your Wealth Team –

Putting together your Wealth Team is of great importance. Consciously build your team instead of just letting it happen to you. What’s their role? What are the things that are really important to you? How will your team support you?

VIII. Leadership of Your Wealth Team –

Whether you like it or not, you are a leader when it comes to your finances! Understand the leadership model and evaluate your skills and the areas you need to strengthen.

Get The Entire 8 Week Course – Only $199

Yes Loral! I want to get started now.

* Completion of the Wealth Diva Course does not grant licensing or the right to use Wealth Diva techniques, materials, lessons, audios, forms, or the like, as a basis for a business or means of producing an income. These are all copyrighted and can only be used when and if authorized, and under written contract. If you need further clarification call us at t 1-888-262-2402.