3 Days to Cash

Make New Money In Just 3 Days!

3 days to cash
Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Then you have vision that can’t be found in a 9-to-5 job and goals with no upper limit. You are driven to make your dreams a reality and grow your own business rather than helping someone else’s. The trouble is that on the way to building your business, your dream is looking a lot more like a job than the path to freedom that you envisioned. What should someone like you do?
Joining Live Out Loud’s 3 Days to Cash Workshop should be at the top of your list. In just one three-day weekend, you will not only learn proven techniques for making money, but you will also even make money at the workshop.
Here’s what you can expect to gain from your 3 Days to Cash experience:

  • Instant cash made during the weekend
  • Learning where and how to find the money you need
  • 60 ways to make money on and offline
  • Making at least 30 eye-to-eye requests for money
  • Practice service-based sales techniques
  • A small student-to-trainer ratio to make sure that your needs are addressed
  • More information about what joint ventures have to offer and how to make your partnerships and contracts solid and lucrative
  • How to price your products and services
  • A complete execution plan to leave your job in 120 days safely and create a sustainable cash flow


All you need is one weekend. If you’re ready to take your next steps toward financial freedom in your business, this workshop is absolutely for you. Sign up today.