This Week At Live Out Loud: Cyber Monday Specials, Workshops and More!

This Week At Live Out Loud: Cyber Monday Specials, Workshops and More!

The holidays are here and it means that there are only 5 weeks until the start of 2018! If you have seen the hashtag #Save2017 in our social media posts it’s because we want to help you finish out the year strong and start next year even stronger. Here is everything happening at Live Out Loud this week that can help you end the year the way you want!

1) Cyber Monday Special! During our recent Wealth Blitz Online Workshop I asked all of the participants for which asset class they had the most interested in learning about. Real estate was by far the biggest response, and because of that dramatic response, I’ve decided to offer my Real Estate As Leverage course for only $97 during this Cyber Monday only. This course usually costs $299 and will…

  • Give you understanding on the best ways to leverage yourself and your real estate so you can create generational wealth,
  • Teach you which strategies are needed in a down, up, sideways or flat market so you’ll always be able to play no matter what’s happening in the market and,
  • Provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to take action today so you won’t have to postpone creating generational wealth for another day.

If you are interested in learning how to invest in real estate, this is your chance to do so at a SIGNIFICANT savings. Click here to take advantage of this offer!

2) We have two upcoming Off Wall Street Asset workshops coming up that you can attend. The content of the workshop has been almost completely revamped and covers all of the exciting new topics I will be presenting about this upcoming year. If you have attended a workshop before you can even attend for a special price; visit this link to learn more about the new workshop.

3) We have ongoing weekly coaching calls for a number of programs. For those of you in the Big TableLaser Coaching calls are every Tuesday at 2 PM PST.

Are you part of our Fast Cash Coaching calls? Calls are held weekly with team members on the following days and times:

  • Monday’s at 5 PM PST
  • Tuesday’s at 1 PM PST – Business Makeover Edition
  • Thursday’s at 4 PM PST

To find the call info for these coaching sessions, log into your customer portal and visit the Fast Coaching Tab.

4) For those of you who attended and purchased your access to the Billy’s Bud distributorship at the Las Vegas Cannabis Workshop, coaching calls will continue this Tuesday at 11 AM PST. You should have been sent webinar access info already, but if not reach out to Thomas Holland by emailing him at

Want to learn more about selling CBD oil and getting involved with Billy’s Bud? Contact Gabe Somoza at and he will get you more information.

5) I will be hosting a Lunch With Loral Facebook live stream on Tuesday at 12 PM PST. Visit my Facebook profile at that time to watch me speak live. I will also be answering questions live so feel free to attend and ask away!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to my team by emailing

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