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Your #1 Problem Is...

So your #1 biggest problem that’s holding you back from creating ultimate wealth is Overpaying Taxes. And you’re not alone - according to Forbes, 93% of business owners overpay in taxes each year, regardless of whether they used a CPA or not.

The reality is there are essentially two tax systems in the United States: one for employees and one for business owners. And the easiest way to understand the difference is that Companies Make Money and Individuals Get Taxed.

So your first step is to make sure the majority of your money is not coming to you personally through a W-2 paycheck or as a sole proprietor.

In other words, Get Incorporated ASAP if you’re not already. But getting incorporated is just step one. Chances are, even if have a corporation it doesn’t mean you’re using it as well as you could.

Most business owners, as Forbes found, even if they are incorporated still pay entirely too much money in taxes each year. Typically this is because they don’t have a solid tax and entity strategy and while also blindly following their CPA’s not-so-great advice.

Not having a sound Tax Strategy is a major roadblock that will prevent you from creating the kind of wealth you aspire to. Think of all the hard work you put into your business - all the late nights and difficult clients. All the marketing campaigns you’ve had to figure out. The stress you’ve endured and the risks you’ve taken to make money in business… only to take it and hand it over, unnecessarily, to the government!

If you were to see exactly how much you’ve overpaid to the government over the years it would make you sick to your stomach! But it’s also a great wake up call and will hopefully motivate you to adopt a better tax strategy so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

This is especially true if you live in America. With the new 2018 Tax Reform there are now over 80,000 pages of tax code available to U.S. business owners. However, most CPAs and accountants only work with about 13 pages of the code!

This means you’re missing out on the vast majority of tax deductions and Tax Savings Options you’re legally entitled to.

Many people shy away from this conversation out of an unfounded fear that they’ll be engaging in some sort of tax evasion which will cause them to get fined or go to jail. However, we’re talking about using every single legal option to lower your tax bill.

Yes, it’s about doing it “by the book” but it’s also about knowing what the book (80,000-page tax code) says is rightfully yours.


Imagine waking up one year from now, opening your computer and looking at your new Cash Flow Dashboard. You see there’s more than enough to not only pay all your expenses, but also to invest in your Wealth Account, which you use to buy income-producing assets.

As you review your finances it hits you that you’re no longer stressed about money. Your monthly income is double what it was just 12 months ago and you now know what it’s like to live in abundance instead of lack. You’re enjoying the lifestyle you dreamed of and you feel gratitude well up in your heart as you celebrate how much progress you’ve made in such short time.

So, if you’re not incorporated yet (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) then your first step is to incorporate (and operating as a sole proprietor doesn’t count)!

Incorporating is just the first step. Most business owners we work with are already incorporated but are still overpaying in taxes. That’s because they still think and operate like an employee instead of a corporation. Sure, they may write off the basics but they still overpay thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Most business owners who overpay in taxes have a CPA who they hope will save them money. But remember, there’s over 80,000 pages of tax code and your CPA likely only uses less than 20 pages. They will only do the bare minimum -- they’re not focused on helping you create the kind of generational wealth you aspire to.

After you review your cash flow you make your daily to-do list, which is much simpler than it was when you were living paycheck to paycheck. You’re also working far fewer hours and are able to spend more time with those you love. In short, life is good and you’re finally winning at the Wealth Building Game!

If you want to turn this dream into a reality, and fix your Stunted Cash Flow problem, then the first step is to start a business, if you haven’t already. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job right now but you do need to start a side business so you can free yourself from the fixed income of a job.

For those of you who already have a business you know that just “being a business owner” does not solve your cash flow problems… in fact it can quickly complicate them if you’re doing it on your own without the help of a successful mentor.

Your next step is to join my mastermind!

Loral Langemeier

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FROM LORAL: Before you go any further, here's a quick background on myself, Loral Langemeier, and the work we do at Integrated Wealth Systems:

I became a millionaire as a single mother at the age of 34 years old (while pregnant with my first child, I might add), and I know that financial abundance is available to everyone – you just have to be around the right people.

My team and I are experts in the areas of finance, including mentoring & coaching, real estate investment, business acquisition & development, and gas & oil and so much more.

I’ve been a frequent guest on business finance for networks such as CNN, CNBC, The Street TV, INC., Fox News Channel, as well as Dr. Phil and the View.

Integrated Wealth Systems has been serving lives for two decades and the primary mission of our organization is to put you in conversation with other wealth-builders – people who have done what you want to do.

Because when you surround yourself with experts and mentors in the field, you learn what really works.

My team and I have been building a worldwide community of in-the-field experts and mentors who are actively building wealth through businesses, real estate, and a wide range of alternative assets.

It’s this community and the education on assets that sets us apart from any other business or wealth education. Including those you’ll find at universities or through private mentorship.

It’s our primary goal to teach you how to MAKE more money, how to KEEP it and INVEST it – all the while building a TEAM. There is no such thing as self made millioniares but team made millioniares.

I’m so passionate about money because most people do it wrong.

When it comes to money, most people focus solely on income and expenses. Whether their money is coming from a job or an entrepreneurial venture, there’s no plan in place for consistent wealth-building.

The problem with this focus is that without a specific, strategic and long-term wealth-building plan, (including a corporate business structure and allocation of money into wealth-cycle investments), building wealth just won’t happen.

And that’s why you’re here – to get high-level education and training on wealth strategies that have been used by millionaires before you, millionaires now, and millionaires to come.

Being a millionaire is not a luck of the draw – it truly just takes a system and people who can guide you there.

My team and I look forward to helping you grow in your financial journey.

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