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Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace

2 Day Online Mastermind With Loral Langemeier & Her Expert Wealth Team

Welcome To The Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace - Online Mastermind Event Pre-Start Page!

If you're reading this, you're not quite ready to attend the Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace. That's OK! Everything you need to learn more about Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace is on this page. Please read through the steps thoroughly as they are all vital to your success and readiness. We look forward to helping you grow financially and putting your money to work for YOU!

Please review The Millionaire Maker System and Wealth LifeCycle images as presented at the event you've just attended with Loral. Millionaires and Wealth Builders follow a rigorous system to maintain and grow their wealth and assets. They Make Money, Keep Money, and Invest their Money all while doing it with a Team. This process is illustrated in an infinity loop because it never stops.

The Wealth LifeCycle is illustrated as a circle conversation graph. You are the center of all the financial conversations you need to be having in your life. If you're missing experts in any area we will connect you with partners in the Integrated Wealth Systems community once you make the jump and join The Big Table. The first step is to attend a Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace!

STEP 1: Submit Your Wealth Profile

Your next step is to complete your personalized wealth report that will help you establish your financial baseline and provide a gap analysis.

This wealth profile contains very important information regarding items like your assets, your residual income, your debts, your taxes and your financial goals – things that most people don't think about and never purposefully grow.

After you complete it, my team will be in contact with you to help you process the results and forecast your financial future.

STEP 2: Watch Never Pay Your Kids An Allowance video series with your family.

As most of you already know, there is very little (if any) financial education provided to our children in the school environment.

Most of what we’ve learned and passed on are the same skills that our parents or family taught us, stretching all the way back to the Industrial Age model of managing money.

This product will walk you through how to change the conversation in your household about how to make money. Also, use these helpful templates below (as referenced in our video) or modify them as appropriate for your family and your conversations.

STEP 3: Watch a replay of the 90 minute segment with your guests.

Did you miss out on the Live event? Watch this Off Wall Street Assets event replay and share with your guest.

STEP 4: Sign up for a Money Makeover.
Call us at 775-588-9200 to schedule with a strategist.

Here is an example of what your Money Makeover will be like.

Take advantage of all these FREE gifts! If you have questions about something not mentioned on this page, contact our events coordinater. Looking forward to taking on this journey with you!

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