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10X Your Resources Through Masterminds - “Our mode was always to make a little bit of money in our personal development company and then invest elsewhere.” Jay Fiset Click To Tweet ... My friend Jay Fiset is back to talk about joint ventures, masterminds, and the advantages of each. Jay has...

Creating Your Individual Year End Tax Strategy -

I usually keep my podcast evergreen, but it’s getting near the end of the year, and I have to talk about the big five. You have to get incorporated if you are serious about getting rich. Companies make money individuals get taxed. You have to get your qualified plans, and review your trusts, insurance, wills, and a whole list of other things. Scott Arden from Controllers, Ltd. is here today to talk about the importance of tax entities and why it’s so critical to have the correct entity in the year that you want to save on taxes.

3 Great Reasons to Have a Wine Business -

This is the perfect end of the year show. Tax time is coming around and keeping your money by having write-offs is on many people’s minds. Today, my friend and member of The Big Table, Eric Karlen is here to talk about opportunities that are available to everyone in the wine business. Eric is part of Direct Cellars a wine of the month club turned direct wine seller and income opportunity. He talks about how network marketing with this wine club can be used to build income, build assets, and get those all important deductions.

How to Make Money with Matt Brauning -

Matt Brauning is a two-time best-selling author, master NLP trainer, entrepreneur, and leader in the field of business development. Matt is here today to talk about how to make money based on the seven drives or key principles that leading entrepreneurs and business people have in common. We talk about how our drives change over time, the importance of being transparent and congruent, and the surprising drive that has inspired many ultra successful people.

The Millionaire Maker -

Loral is interviewed on the Eliances Heroes Show by host David Cogan. They talk about how Loral became The Millionaire Maker. Loral talks about how she has created a system for creating and keeping wealth. They talk about having the best systems in place and being surrounded by the best team members and mentors. They also talk about side income, passive income, and understanding the new tax codes and getting the most out of that knowledge.

Business Success Through Marketing Systems -

My guest today is Steve Sipress who is a world leader at systems that enhance marketing efforts and create better businesses. He specializes in business systems, selling systems, and marketing systems. Steve shares his background and how he stumbled upon developing systems for sports and then for businesses. He talks about how all businesses want to attract more clients and earn more money and how systems are the way to do that.

The Potential of Digital Currency with Fli Mackie -

Digital currency and crypto is going to be the next boom. We are fortunate that even though many fortunes have been made, it’s not too late to get into trading. My guest today is a highly recommended bitcoin expert who is one of the speakers at my event. Fli Mackie is a bitcoin expert who has made millions trading. He is here today to talk about buying in the dip, the importance of giving 10% away, the potential of digital currency, and much more.

The Secret Weapon for Creating Cash Flow With Small Apartment Investing -

Lance Edwards is here to talk about how to get into small apartment investing and create wealth by scaling up. In this episode, he breaks down what small apartment investing is and how it can be so much more lucrative than single family home investing. He also talks about the advantages of direct seller negotiation including down payments, interest rates, and no personal guarantees.