Out Loud Conversations about
Wealth & Entrepreneurship

If you want to build real wealth, you’ve got to
learn from people who are already doing it.

Access to Experts
& Mentors in the Field

At Live Out Loud, we put you in conversation with other wealth-builders – people who have done what you want to do.

Because when you surround yourself with experts and mentors in the field, you learn what really works.

Real Community Education

Live Out Loud has been building a worldwide community of in-the-field experts and mentors since 1996. These are entrepreneurs who are actively building wealth through businesses, real estate, and a wide range of alternative assets.

It’s this community and the education on assets that sets us apart from any other business or wealth education. Including those you’ll find at universities or through private mentorship.

Wealth Education Grounded in Experience

Whether you want to grow a business or an asset base, sell a business, invest in real estate or alternative assets … or even if you’re just starting out on the entrepreneurial journey, to build wealth you have to learn from the people who are on the ground doing it.

All of the training programs at Live Out Loud are led by experts in their fields. These experienced entrepreneurs work within our flagship programs to provide students with financial education, tools, resources and opportunities for growing wealth through proven systems and proper business structures.

These are the specific tactics and strategies entirely missing from a University level Business education.

Things like:

How to Think, Plan
and Grow as an

How to Assess (and
Invest!) in
Alternative Assets

How to Create a Business System to Fund Your Investments

How to Establish and
Accelerate a Wealth
Cycle that Builds
Generational Wealth

From “Cash Machine” to Cash-Generating Asset Base

When it comes to money, most people focus solely on income and expenses. Whether their money is coming from a job or an entrepreneurial venture, there’s no plan in place for consistent wealth-building. The problem with this focus is that without a specific, strategic and long-term wealth-building plan, (including a corporate business structure and allocation of money into wealth-cycle investments), building wealth just won’t happen.

At Live Out Loud, this is what we teach. We guide people from the very beginning steps of starting a cash-generating small business, (called a “Cash Machine”), all the way to sophisticated education on alternative asset investing. There’s still less than 10% of the world who knows how to do this, and that’s the conversation we’re having – and teaching! – here at Live Out Loud.

Key to this is establishing the TEAM who will help you build your wealth, and then learning to lead them. These include people like financial planners, stock brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, real estate agents … anyone who has a license that can support your goals, and an opinion about your money.

At Live Out Loud we get you to be that LEADER. Because ultimately, it’s your job to tell your team of brokers, planners and advisors your goals, then ensure they’re following your lead. It’s your money and your future. You don’t want to be the least educated person on your wealth team.

The Mission of Live Out Loud is committed to creating & building wealth by changing the conversation about money in households around the world.



Loral Langemeier is one of today’s most visible and innovative wealth trainers. She is one of only a handful of women in the world today who can claim the title of “Expert” when it comes to financial matters and the making of millionaires.

After gaining a Master’s Degree in business and finance that she admits taught her nothing about entrepreneurship, Loral is very clear: If you want to be wealthy, you have to learn from people who are actually LIVING what they teach – people who are building companies and investing in assets designed to make millions.

She established her company, Live Out Loud Inc. in order to create new conversations about money that aren’t taught in school or anywhere else. Through Live Out Loud, Loral shares her high value strategies at seminars and wealth training programs all over the world. She is dedicated to teaching people her simple sequence for success that helps individuals capitalize on their skills and talents to ultimately make new money, keep more money, and build lasting wealth.

What Your Stock Broker Won’t Tell You…

“No one else is teaching people what their choices really are for investing,” says Langemeier.

“Passively parking your money in the stock market and then praying it’ll pay off by retirement, may be a strategy for creating a nest egg, but let’s be clear: this isn’t a wealth-building plan.

“What my team and I teach our clients is how to do the kinds of things that professors or stock brokers can never tell you because most of them have never done it! Things like: How would you buy another company if you wanted to do that? How would you do private equity, or hard money lending? How would you invest in life settlements or insurance products? How would you buy gas and oil?”

Providing Wealth Education Since 1996

Loral Langemeier and her Team of expert wealth builders have a track record for taking people out of the Industrial Age conversation about money and into the entrepreneurial actions that build real wealth.

Over the past 19 years, Loral and the many experts within her community have created a global economy of wealth-builders, many of them with a net worth in the multi-millions, thanks to working with her. Loral’s goal is to help anyone who wants it to be able to Make more Money, Keep more Money and Build Wealth that will last for generations.

“ Live Out Loud engages the conversation about money that we were never taught. It’s the conversation that gives you a choice about your life, your future and your money. It’s a conversation that lets you become an entrepreneur.”

~ LORAL LANGEMEIER, The Millionaire Maker