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Using Pass Through-Entities to Take Advantage of 2018 Tax Law Changes -

My partner and guest Mike Giorgi is here to talk about making money, growing money, and keeping your money with the new 2018 tax laws. Mike talks about setting up your corporate structure correctly, planning, and monthly check-ins. We also have a checklist for you and a lot of great advice for keeping the money that you have earned.

Virtual Tours for Easier, Faster, and Better Real Estate Marketing -

My guest, Tim Denbo is a friend and community member who was involved in the real estate industry when he saw a pain point and decided to do something about it. He had the vision and skill set to create a tool that makes it easier to market real estate across the industry from selling, renting, residential, and commercial.

OsteoStrong Helping People With a Cutting Edge Investment Opportunity -

Today, I’m visited by Jerrold Ware who is a member of our community and a franchise owner of a new technology called OsteoStrong. He is also a regional developer, and he is joined by one of his partners Van Brower who is the Ohio regional developer. This new technology uses vibration and a load bearing system to strengthen the bones, muscles, and tendons of the musculoskeletal system. It has been used for joint pain, osteoporosis, and athletic recovery. It is also a new technology with no competition. This growing opportunity is something to think about if you are interested in being a franchise operator or an investing partner.

Overcoming Your Fear of Making High-End and Big-Ticket Sales -

Everybody wants to make those high-end big-ticket sales, but most people are too afraid to do it. My guest today, is Wendy Stevens. Today, we talk about something that we both do, and that is actually make those big-ticket sales. We also talk about the 5 questions you can ask a prospect in order to get a yes on these important sales calls and interviews.

7 Steps to 7 Figures Strategic LinkedIn Marketing -

Wendy Stevens is a LinkedIn expert who is helping us with strategically updating our profile. LinkedIn marketing is the new California gold rush. Since the acquisition by Microsoft, there have been subtle and not so subtle changes to LinkedIn. Today, we talk about how to strategically create a LinkedIn profile that will land the big clients that will send your bottom line soaring to 7 figures or whatever your goal may be. 

Ninja Tricks for Automating Marketing and Sales -

Darin Adams is an expert at growing small businesses and sales and marketing using Infusionsoft. Today, we discuss how setting up and automating your marketing efforts from the beginning is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. We talk about list segmenting, lead nurturing, CRM software, API integrations, and smart ninja tricks to get started automating and tracking your sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing Is the Answer to Everything -

Business strategist and extraordinary marketer Adam Kipnes is here today to talk about how marketing is the answer to everything. We talk about the system he has built to put marketing first to make clients money, the five major components of a marketing plan, and his strategies that you need to start using in your business today.

Reducing Taxes and Liability with Corporate Entities -

Today, Scott Arden the COO and co-founder of Controller’s Ltd. a company that offers a wide range of financial services including bookkeeping, payroll, CFO/controller services, cash-flow management, and tax planning is here. We talk about the steps to begin building the best type of structure for your businesses.

Creating Wealth Through Creating Health -

Maria Watson is a nutraceutical veteran who has built and consulted with companies that have earned millions of dollars. I have just partnered with Maria on a manufacturing facility that is known for quality. We focus on wealth but are also strong believers in health and the power of quality supplements.

Why You Should Write a Book For Your Business -

Today, Melanie and Jenn from Elite Publishing are here to talk about why you should write a book for your business. Having a book can be a wonderful tool for making money and opening the door to bigger and better opportunities. Melanie and Jenn break down how to get started, book publishing best practices, and why you should throw perfectionism out the window and get to work.