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Blockchain, the Backbone of the Gold Rush of the Future -

My guest today is Don Beaver a researcher, coder, and a crypto expert. He describes himself as a guy who knows a lot about math. There are three big learning opportunities right now. The cannabis industry, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies are changing everything. Today, we talk about some of the new opportunities that are opening up and how to get in on the ground floor.

Using Systems to Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing -

My friend and mentor Ron LeGrand is here today to talk about how to get started investing in real estate and why it is such a great investment. Ron also shares his outlook on the market. It’s possible to mitigate risk and even make money on a downturn. There will always be people who want to buy houses and people who want to sell houses. Ron has been a successful real estate investor for 36 years, and he teaches other people to do the same.

Focusing on the Wants and Needs of Your Customer -

My guest today is Zackary Babcock from the Underdog Empowerment Podcast. Zachary’s ninja skill is understanding and focusing on the customer. We talk about how to focus on your customer, finding out what your customers wants and needs, and offering solutions to their problems. Zackary shares tips on how to create a customer avatar, even if you don’t have existing customers. He also shares his inspiring story of picking himself up when he had hit rock bottom.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology -

Matthew Herrick is the co-founder and CEO of Ledger Leap an enterprise blockchain solution. This is an exciting episode where Matthew clears up misconceptions about what bitcoin, blockchain, ICOs, and ethereum actually are. He talks about smart contracts and how he and his partner used the blockchain platform to create a real estate platform that simplifies and speeds up the real estate process. He then used his existing infrastructure to launch a business to help others use blockchain technology to create token based businesses.

Take A Seat At The Big Table -

Today’s podcast is from a Big Table webinar presented by Loral about becoming a millionaire and starting with a money makeover. She is also joined by Scott Arden of Controllers, Ltd. to talk about taxes and entities.

The Secrets of Selling with Ross Jeffries -

Ross Jeffries is a sales expert and the author of Subtle Words That Sell: How To Get Your Prospects To Convince Themselves To Buy Without Pushing, Pressuring Or Pitching. On today’s show, Ross shares the importance of mindset, how to be a service decision technician, and implied relationship words. This episode will change the way you look at sales and how to speak with prospects.

Using Precious Metals Like Gold and Silver to Hedge Your Investments -

My guest today is PM Capital CEO Scott Carter. Scott is an expert investor when it comes to precious metals. In today’s show, Scott shares why gold and silver are the perfect assets to hedge your investment losses when the market does correct. He talks about the perfect percentage to balance your portfolio and how you store or take possession of gold and silver. He also shares historical perspective on gold and some wise financial and investment insights.

How To Get Approved for the Best Mortgage -

Today, I have one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to mortgages. Elysia Stobbe is a mortgage expert who has closed over $300 million in residential mortgages. She is an expert in VA mortgages and helping first time home buyers. We talk about different types of mortgages, the importance of good credit, real estate for investors, the state of the real estate market, and the new tax laws.

Update on Cannabis Investments - Loral Facebook LIVE -

This episode is a quick catch up with what me and my team and partners have been doing in the Cannabis industry. The Green Rush is going to be way bigger than the dot com rush. That is why I decided a year ago that I was going to get into the Cannabis industry. On this show, I also share how you can learn more about the industry and partner and invest with us.