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Loral Langemeier's Business Bootcamp Video Series

Video 2 – “Strengthen Your Strengths – Hire Your Weaknesses”

You're wasting time trying to learn to do everything yourself. The best entrepreneurs are able to bring their vision to life by leveraging resources they don't own.

Loral Langemeier - Live Out Loud CEO, entrepreneurial wealth-building coach, international speaker, and 5-time New York Times bestselling author!

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We often hear the old adage that good people are hard to find, but is it the finding or the people that’s the issue?  When looking to hire, business owners can overly complicate the process by not being ready to hire.  As the interviewer, you must be fully prepared as well, and not put all of that responsibility onto the interviewee.   The best prospects are going to arrive with a litany of questions of their own, as it is just as much an interview for them as it is for you.  The exchange of questions between you both will help to ensure it’s a good fit from all angles.

One of the first items that needs to be addressed is identifying what needs you are looking to meet in your business, whether it be marketing, accounting, sales, IT, etc.  Once that has been determined, you must clearly identify what his or her responsibilities are going to be once on board.  If the job description is vague or unclear, you will not get the candidates you are seeking, and your new hire will quickly escalate into a disappointment for all involved. Being able to spell out specific expectations is paramount to hiring successfully.   One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make is to hire on a whim, without careful thought and planning beforehand.

In order to attract the talent needed to operate successfully, you may need to do a bit of housekeeping.  Bright, intelligent and ambitious people are drawn to organizations with cultures they can identify with.  These tend to be environments ripe with positive energy, motivation and high growth.  If you think of some of the most successful and prolific companies of our time, such as Apple, Google, Starbucks and Facebook, one striking similarity is the corporate culture the employees are consistently raving about. Like attracts like. If your company is lacking in any of these areas, take stock of what may be causing this and initiate any corrections immediately.

About Your Coach — Loral Langemeier

My name is Loral Langemeier — CEO of Live Out Loud, international business and wealth coach, speaker, trainer, Dr. Phil’s “Money Expert,” author of over 30 books and 5 New York Times Bestsellers, including the “Millionaire Maker” series:

Since I created and perfected a 3-5 year strategy for the “Average Jill and Joe” to make millions, I’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Dr. Phil, The View, Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Businessweek, Forbes, The Secret, and a long list of other popular media.

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