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LEAP is a non-profit education foundation that annually organizes a youth leadership program held at UCLA. Each year, hundreds of students travel from across the globe to attend LEAP’s week-long program dedicated to helping young adults uncover the “real-life” skills needed to achieve great success.

LEAP’s goal is to help young people from around the world find professional and personal success by teaching them real-life keys to success such goal-setting, mentorship, self-motivation, professionalism, and effective communication skills. All of these skills are vital to success, yet omitted from traditional educational system.

Dr. John Gray

"Loral Langemeier’s message is a powerful one. She has helped thousands of people think, act, and invest the way the wealthy do."

Dr. John Gray , Author of ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’
Sharon Lechter

“By not taking risks, by not living our full potential, we risk it all! Say YES! now then figure out how. Loral’s philosophy is shared with you through her formula for channeling the right energy at the right time to reach the right directions.”

Sharon Lechter , Co-Author of Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Jenny T.

“From 2010 until now, I have developed the relationships along with the business acumen to grow. And now I’m expanding into an international market. I have a true business that supports me and my family…I have to give full credit to Loral & this community.”

Jenny T., Joined The Big Table