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The Family and Youth Financial IQ Series

This 3-part series will help you and your family secure your financial legacy…

Are you worried or concerned that your family lack's the education about money they need?

Do you fear that your family's legacy might be wasted, squandered away or simply lost due to financial ignorance?

Or do you want to ensure that your family's wealth and understanding about money gets elevated to a higher level with an action plan?

Learn What You Need to Know to Protect Your Legacy and Family

The Family and Youth Financial IQ Webinar Series is designed to increase your children's and family's overall financial literacy.

Join 5x Best Selling Author and financial expert Loral Langemeier and she lead a series of conversations about money OUT LOUD designed to improve your awareness about financial legacies and develop an action item list to protect and grow your wealth.

In the 3 week webinar series, Loral will teach participants how to have lasting and educational conversations about money for youths from birth to becoming an adult and beyond.

These age appropriate topics focus on the core financial topics they NEED to know and that ARE NOT currently taught in any school system.

You'll learn

  • why the best gift for any 18 year old is an LLC or the legal entity of their choice;
  • about the different money and wealth areas that you need to understand; gas and oil, insurance, franchises, real estate;
  • why businesses make money and people get taxed;
  • the importance of actively leading your wealth team versus passively submitting your money to someone else;
  • the right and wrong way to educate your children about money;
  • and more!

After the 3 webinar series, your family will not only have a better understanding of financial strategies but you will have an action item list to act upon.

Here'e what is covered each week:

Webinars start at 6 PM PST and end at approximately 7 PM PST each session.

Week 1 (August 27)

Week 2 (September 3)

Week 3 (September 17)

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We are excited to work with you to help you understand more about the need to plan for and lead your financial legacy!

The Best Money Board Game You Can Play

We were not all raised in an entrepreneurial environment and the conversations about money we’ve been exposed to will never allow us build wealth.

As a special offer, participants have the chance to purchase the Millionaire Maker Board game for $97!

This game helps you understand the techniques that Loral teaches and helps ensure your success by simulating a wealth plan and putting these strategies in to practice.

This is NOT your grandpa's money board game ... so put away your monocle and get ready for REAL financial education ins a fun and immersive experience!