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Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do

Before I explain what the book is about, I want to be clear on what it’s NOT about.

This book is NOT about mindset.

(Even though I can promise that by implementing what I teach in this book, readers WILL transform their mind and naturally attract more wealth into their lives ….)

This book is also NOT about scaling down, or learning how to manage debt by budgeting, playing small or limiting yourself ...

(If you’re interested in occupational conversations like that, there are plenty of other experts to follow.)

My Millionaire Maker book IS about how to CREATE LONG-TERM WEALTH.

The book takes the mystery out of wealth building with my 12-step approach for consistent cash flow. It guides readers through a step-by-step process that shows them how to apply the skills they already have and create the wealth they want.

It helps people truly understand the fundamentals of wealth building.

In other words, this book is about YOU taking your contribution to the world, by building and leading your wealth first.

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International Wealth Expert, Loral Langemeier has successfully helped to create and educate literally  thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business owners using her simple 12-step-formula.

Known as the "Millionaire Maker", Loral Langemeier brings financial education to thousands of her loyal followers. She reaches these people through her seminars, television, personal coaching programs and online education platform.

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"Breaking into the bestseller club is especially hard in personal finance and investing … because any author who wants to compete in the financial big leagues needs a great, fresh idea; a proven track record; and a big, charismatic personality ...

"A go-getter from a young age, Langemeier started her first business while she was still in college. By 35, she was a multimillionaire. Her book,The Millionaire Maker, showcases the concepts she honed with her coaching-consulting company, Live Out Loud, which emphasizes aggressive, multilateral investing.

'What we noticed,' she says, 'was that the millionaires who got created faster, was related to how they sequenced. They got their assets invested; they learned to make more money; they were running their personal finances like a business-for profitability. They were incorporated; they had diverse assets. But they do it all pretty simultaneously. Whereas a lot of plans would say get out of debt then we'll work on it. We would never say that. It's too slow. It's not what millionaires do. Millionaires don't worry about a latte a day, you know.'

"So far, [Langemeier and] Live Out Loud have made over 200 millionaires, and not one of her 10,000 clients has filed for bankruptcy."

--Publishers Weekly (Publisher's Weekly)


"Langemeier, a financial coach and strategist, not to mention a multimillionaire, outlines her trademarked step-by-step "Wealth Cycle" process for generating and sustaining wealth in a clear and easy-to-follow format. Income and lazy assets can be turned into assets that produce passive income and sustainable wealth via rental properties, for example; adequate use of graphs and charts explain the theoretical framework behind the author's approach as well as her "Gap Analysis" model that helps investors chart their own program.

"A nice cross section of case studies is used to explore a variety of implementations. Readers will grasp basic principles of such matters as entity structuring, depreciation, and direct investing..."

--Library Journal (Library Journal)


"I personally know countless people who are millionaires today and credit Loral with their financial success. Read this book and become a member of Loral's millionaires' club!"

- Bob Proctor
 Author of You Were Born Rich

"Loral Langemeier's engrossing book, The Millionaire Maker, has a simple goal: to make you a millionaire. I recommend anything that Loral writes, but most of all, this readable, eye-opening book."

- Jay Conrad Levinson
 Author of the Guerrila Wealth and Guerrilla Marketing series

"With the financial makeovers performed in The Millionaire Maker you'll find 12 new building blocks to create your own wealth."

- Chet Holmes
CEO of Chet Holmes International

"Loral is the real deal… she actually makes millionaires."

- T. Harv Eker
Author of the NY Times #1 best seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Read The Millionaire Maker and Create the wealth of your dreams today."

- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series