Mobile App Rules Of Engagement

On behalf of the Live Out Loud team and our community, welcome to our mobile app!

Please abide by the following rules of engagement (violation of our posting policies may result in you being blocked from using the app):

Rule #1: You MUST have fun!

Rule #2: Be supportive. Play nice, connect with others and support your fellow peers whenever possible.

Rule #3: Add massive value. This community has been designed for you to add value whenever and however you see fit.

Rule #4: Be constructive. This rules adds onto rule #3. Always “play” from the place of adding value and making a difference. Offering constructive feedback is a great way to do this!

Rule #5: Promote your business on Monday’s only. Monday is "Marketplace Monday." This means that every Monday, throughout the entire day, you can promote your business to this global community!

Rule #6: Use this as a platform to brainstorm and network with others from all over the world, i.e. " Does anyone know a trademark attorney, non-profit expert, veterinarian, etc.

Rule #7: Pre-approve Third Party Posts. Third party posts need to be checked by our team prior to posting. Email the post link and they will endorse it. (NOTE: A 3rd party post is a post that is endorsing someone outside the community. You may or may not have an affiliate link with them.)

Rule #8: Pre-approve time sensitive launch posts. If promoting another business within the community, try and keep it on a Monday. If it is approved, post in the community and please acknowledge you it is a pre-approved promo in the post.

Rule #9: Use community resources. If you need to hire outsourced resources, try to find and use resources within the community first. Support and be supported by your community!

Rule #10: Participate in Gratitude Saturday! Saturday is Gratitude Saturday, a day to share what you are grateful for either personally or professionally. When you’re grateful for what you’ve accomplished and for what you already have, you’ll attract more of that into your life.



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