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Off Wall Street Assets Preview

The Fastest Way To Make More, Keep More & Invest More Is To Get Around Those Who Are Already Doing It

Off Wall Street Assets will show you how to make more, keep more, invest more and build a team to run it for you. Learn the Millionaire Maker System, a proven infinity matrix to help you take charge of every aspect of your financial life.

Downloads mentioned in the module series

The Millionaire Maker

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The Wealth

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The Millionaire
Maker System

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Gap Analysis

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Start Modules

Module 1: The Millionaire Readiness Quiz

  • Read Chapter 2 of The Millionaire Maker, this will help you determine where you are financially.
  • There are 7 different profiles and 7 different ways to become a Millionaire so follow your sequence.
  • Your Relationship to debt is a direct reflection of your ability to be an entrepreneur
  • The minimum amount for your freedom day number should be $10,000

Module 2: You’re Not Taught Money

  • Don’t try to combine the wealth cycle with the lifestyle cycle
  • We live in a world with two conversations, the occupational conversation vs the entrepreneurial conversation
  • The fastest way to change you relationship to money is to be involved in this conversation
  • The most important elements to creating wealth is having the right team around you

Module 3: The Investment Mindset

  • The wealthy do not pay down debt just to get out of debt, they leverage good debt for investing
  • We’re conditioned to get a job and live the lifestyle cycle
  • We’re in the greatest time to be an entrepreneur
  • How much more income do you want and how much money are you going to set aside to invest in new assets

Module 4: A New Year - How to Sell

  • Let’s talk about goal setting. Think about how much more revenue to you want to get this year and how much you want to invest in assets.
  • The first person you should hire when creating your team is a sales person.
  • Creating a marketplace so that the money moves in the economy
  • Pre-sales and deposits is the quickest way to launch your product or service without developing 100%.

Module 5: Your Financial Family

  • Show me your friends and family and I will show you your future
  • Find your financial family and friends because you need to be in the conversation with those that are in the same wealth conversation.
  • You don’t know the deal if you can’t speak the deal
  • What are the top two things that could crush your wealth building?

Module 6: The Wealth Building Team

  • The Millionaire Matrix
  • Make More Money, Keep Your Money, Invest it, Work with the right Team
  • Off Wall Street Assets brings you the experts to all of the conversation you need to be in to become wealthy.
  • You need to have an integrated team to help you stay up to date in the money conversation.

Module 7: Debt is Just the Cost of Money

  • Your companies need money, when is the time to get it?
  • Don’t live within your means, grow your means, Debt is just the cost of money.
  • Why would you pay down your house at a 1-3% mortgage when you can invest that money and earn 10%
  • Banks work on arbitrage

Module 8: Getting into the Bigger Game

  • Using The Millionaire Maker Game to build a business and get started if you don’t have a business yet.
  • Teaching your kids the value of money, never pay your kids an allowance
  • Creating your cash machines with your skill sets
  • Start with the entity and tax, then learn money rules and due diligence

Module 9: How do I Get Started

  • Our goal is to make money, so here’s what happens at the show
  • The Off Wall Street Assets Workshop
  • You have to determine your first step, so say you have $500,000 dollars, we’re going to go through money rules and sequencing to determine the right investments.
  • Here’s the deal on the workshop, it’s $1497 for two PLUS two teens or $750 for one and one Teen. (NOTE: Deals vary on location and community)

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