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Welcome To The Off Wall Street Assets Workshop Quick Start Page!

Everything you need to get ready for your upcoming Off Wall Street Assets Workshop is listed on this page. Please read through the "prep steps" thoroughly as they are all vital to your success and readiness. We look forward to helping you grow financially and putting your money to work for YOU!

Please study The Millionaire Maker System and Wealth LifeCycle below as it will be the main point of reference in the workshop. Millionaires and Wealth Builders follow a rigorous system to maintain and grow their wealth and assets. They Make Money, Keep Money, and Invest their Money all while doing it with a Team. This process is illustrated in an infinity loop because it never stops.

The Wealth LifeCycle is illustrated as a circle conversation graph. You are the center of all the financial conversations you need to be having in your life. If you're missing experts in any area, don't worry, we will connect you with partners in the Live Out Loud community once you make the jump and join The Big Table.

Please Read Through This Page Thoroughly & Complete All Of Your Prep Steps To Ensure Your Success At Our Upcoming Workshop!

STEP 1: Download Your Free ebook Copy Of "The Millionaire Maker"

Many times, the first step to changing your reality is to change your thinking. Start that journey by reading the first chapter (at least) of "The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do."

This is Loral Langemeier's first New York Times bestselling book and has stood the test of time, economic downfalls and other market changes.

This book teaches you how to take the mystery out of wealth building with a 12-step approach that can be used by anyone to turn the money they have into the wealth they want.

STEP 2: Watch The Millionaire Roadmap. Look for login details in your email!

The Millionaire Roadmap is a dynamic 7-part video series specifically designed to get you into action and making money IMMEDIATELY!

In it, Loral teaches you how to:

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STEP 3: Download Your Free ebook Copy of "Put More Cash In Your Pocket". As an added BONUS, you'll receive access to the "Put More Cash In Your Pocket Reading Room" via the customer portal.

This is a 4-part audio series that expands the teachings in Loral's 4th bestselling book, Put More Cash In Your Pocket.

You can listen to each audio and complete them in any order you wish, though we suggest you listed to each audio in order and complete all of the steps identified in each before moving on to the next.

Your unique log-in information to access this site is contained in your confirmation email.

Look for login details in your email!

STEP 4: Submit Your Wealth Profile

Your next step is to complete your personalized wealth report that will help you establish your financial baseline and provide a gap analysis.

This wealth profile contains very important information regarding items like your assets, your residual income, your debts, your taxes and your financial goals – things that most people don't think about and never purposefully grow.

After you complete it, my team will be in contact with you to help you process the results and forecast your financial future.

STEP 5: Attend the Fast Cash Coaching Calls

Another important step to taking your wealth to new levels is assessing where you currently stand and what you need to accelerate your growth.

We help you do this by giving you access to our Fast Cash Coaching Team – a group session where we determine where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there.

When you speak to our Fast Cash Coaching Team, they’re going to ask you what path you want to go on. Then, they’ll devote the remainder of your time before you attend the workshop to the pathway you’ve chosen as a way to help you.

The Call information will be emailed to you once the Programs Team verifies your Off Wall Street Assets Purchase.

STEP 6: Watch the Off Wall Street Assets Acceleration Coaching Blitz Webinar.

This webinar is almost like attending the actual 3 Day Workshop! Loral Langemeier and Special Guests cover Real Estate, Gas & Oil and more!

That's it! As your workshop date approaches, you will receive more information from our team to get you fully prepared. If you have questions about something not mentioned on this page, contact Events Coordinator Jordan Woods. Looking forward to taking on this journey with you!

Questions? Contact Events Coordinator Jordan Woods at:
phone: 775-461-2919


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