Did You Pay Too Much In Taxes This Year?

You Know How To Make Money –

Now Discover How To Keep More Of What You Make

Learn how you can save thousands of dollars every year. I’ve helped people in my community recover tens of thousands of dollars in overpaid taxes simply by getting them set up with the right legal entities.

And now I’m bringing in my personal tax expert to share some of our specific strategies that will help you protect your business and bank account so you can avoid a ‘Tax Doomsday.

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What You Can Expect To Learn:

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier is a money expert, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books who is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about money and empower people around the world to become millionaires. The CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc. – a multinational organization — Loral shares her best advice without hesitation or apology. What sets her apart from other wealth experts is her innate ability to hone in on the skills and talents of everyday people to inspire them to generate wealth.

Ryan Cason

Tax Sentry understands that a business is only as good as its records. We specialize in prompt, accurate, and thorough tax returns. A lot of tax preparers take a general approach to your taxation as a business but we are here to take a specialty approach.

We will make sure that new business owners are kept up to date on major changes in the tax code, new tax benefits, and common deductions that are overlooked. Our tax preparers average of 10 years of experience in dealing with direct marketers and sellers. We are here to make sure that we take an analytical and beneficial approach to every return that we process.

Discover How To Avoid A ‘Tax Doomsday’

Maybe you’re operating a business that needs more than one entity. Or you’re a real estate owner who has multiple properties and needs to split them into separate LLCs. Perhaps you’re an independent contractor who makes money charging clients but are paying a lot in taxes.

Whatever your tax situation, if you’re losing too much money during tax season, you need to learn how to protect more of what you’ve earned. Your business wellbeing depends on it.

Free Webinar Kicks Off Tuesday, April 26 at 11AM PST