Flagship Training Events

Lets YOU Learn from A Community of Experienced, Wealth-Building Pros

Whether you’re just wondering how to generate more cash or you’re ready to leverage your current wealth and add zeros to your net worth, Live Out Loud offers events and training programs to meet your goals.

All of our flagship events and training programs are designed to give you a financial and entrepreneurial EDUCATION – from the experts who are already 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs.


Live Event

A complimentary, LIVE 90-minute training hosted throughout the US & Canada helps you discover exactly how to accelerate your income with a proven, 7-Step Plan. See which stops are coming to a city near you!

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Live Online Course

Need to bring in more cash … fast? This online money-making event is one-of-a-kind, delivering expert wealth training that teaches you how to grow your business and put new money in your hands from the comfort of your home.  

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Live Offline Course

Looking for a 100% Guarantee that you’ll walk away with more money than you have in your pocket when you walk through the door? Look no further. We can promise you’ll make money at 3 Days To Cash because, after 9 years, Every. Single. Person. Does.

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Get a personalized business makeover from one of Loral’s Live Out Loud experts. The program includes: Live weekly coaching sessions; personalized accountability calls; extended resource library & unlimited access to live call replays.

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12 month mentoring program with live coaching calls and training. Let the Live Out Loud Team show you how to add an extra $100k to your revenue THIS YEAR … GUARANTEED!

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Our Flagship Mastermind program. This comprehensive, year-long program gives you ongoing mentorship, 3 live gatherings,with a community of wealth building peers, an enormous pool of experts to support you, and all the tools to propel your business to 7-figures and beyond.

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Head of the Table

Exclusively offered to a small selection of Loral’s Big Table graduates and eligible entrepreneurs, HOTT is for those who want to accelerate their wealth through 1:1 consulting with Loral & high-level, small-group masterminds with Loral’s key business mentors.

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Living in Australia, New Zealand or Asia Pacific? No worries! You’re closer to our Live wealth training and coaching programs than you think.

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Our Community extends over the pond to the UK too. If you’re based anywhere in Europe, then Millionaire Maker UK is your first stop.

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Millionaire maker academy

Wherever you are right now financially – from deep debt to high 6-figures – the Millionaire Maker Academy is where Loral and her Team of Experts meet YOU exactly where you are and put you on a track to millionaire status in 3-5 years!

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Building, leading and protecting your business

Build your business as an asset with Loral’s proven strategies, including the 7 steps to building, leading & protecting your business & the money-saving tactics of the right business entity.

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This 6-Step Wealth Acceleration Program is your Guide for hitting a million in 3-5 years. Ideal if you need to learn how to do due diligence for investments and create your money rules to support your new elevated lifestyle.

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Learn to control your thoughts and create new beliefs for greater success and wealth. This 6-part training + workbook is coauthored by Loral Langemeier and Bob Proctor.

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