When I Hear 'Solopreneur,' I Cringe...

When I Hear 'Solopreneur', I Cringe...

When I hear 'solopreneur', I cringe.

Why would you want to do EVERYTHING?

You can't run a proper business on your own.

'Solopreneur' implies that you're going to be the web designer, you're going to be the sales team, you're going to be the accounting, you're going to be the fulfillment person, you're going to be the technology guy...

You can't do it all, nor do you have the skillset to run a proper business on your own.

Yet, people still try to do everything on their own...they hold everything to themselves.

I'll be straight up with you – not delegating is costing you precious time and money.

I come across WAY too many entrepreneurs and business owners at events, online or in my community who try to do EVERYTHING.

These people will buy Infusionsoft or Quickbooks or Photoshop or camera gear or Facebook advertising trainings or all of these things and spend months trying to get them to work.

If you just want to be a hobbyist that's fine, if you want to make a decent amount of money and run around like a chicken with your head cut off all day, that's fine.

But if you truly want to grow a business, make some serious money and create systems where you can live a life you enjoy, you need a team and you need it now.

I applaud you for taking the initiative to learn something new and run with it, but if you truly want to grow (and grow quickly), you need to get clear about the things you’re good at.

Strengthen your strengths and hire your weaknesses.

Stop spending all day doing things you're not good at.


Instead, go out and pre-sale some of your products or services and use that revenue to hire the proper people in place & keep moving forward – focus on making money to support your business, not trying to learn new skills to get you off the starting blocks.

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