‪#‎FinanceFriday‬ Tips To Teach Your Kids About Money

‪#‎FinanceFriday‬ Tips To Teach Your Kids About Money

I could go on for DAYS about the importance of teaching our kids the RIGHT things about money…but I’ve managed to consolidate my advice into a few simple steps you can take with your children TODAY! After you read this post, I’d love to hear your opinions and things you do with your children!

** Simple earning plan for kids **

-Let kids pick 10-15 tasks they can do
-Select the top five tasks
-Negotiate a value for each task
-They must complete the tasks as agreed
-Hold them accountable

** How to teach kids about money **

-Create a wealth account for each child
-Teach kids to save at any age
-Share positive financial information
-Set days to talk about money
-Encourage kids to give to charity

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