12 Speakers, 2 Days – Change Your Life and Business

12 Speakers, 2 Days – Change Your Life and Business

YES! Energy Celebration EventFor months, I’ve been sharing an equation to help create energy and momentum in all areas of your life.  Just as there is a system to achieve financial success, there is a much larger system that applies to every area of your life. It’s a bigger conversation.  It’s the biggest conversation I’ve had in the entire history of Live Out Loud. 

The conversation goes beyond anything I could hope to share alone during a single event.  This is why I’ve reached out to some of the most successful thought leaders in the world to not only share their expertise, but to give you a system for living life DIFFERENTLY.

To live life differently, you need this information provided to you in a different way. You need it to be surrounded by energy, excitement and, most importantly, no sales pitches. That’s right, when you walk in the door to this all-star event every speaker has agreed NOT to sell from the stage.

This is the event I’ve been waiting to hold my entire professional career.

The Yes! Energy Celebration
January 28 and 29, 2012
The Dana Resort
San Diego, CA
Registration at 8 AM

During these two-days, you will master the following from the top experts in the world:

  • How the top financial strategists and experts in the world harnessed their energy to grow their businesses to unprecedented visibility and success.
  • How to build a powerful vision for your future in all regards, ranging from your wildest dreams to your daily goals, to create your biggest life possible.
  • How to master communication, from the personal to the public speaking level, creating abundance from every conversation you have, every single day.
  • How to build enduring and long-lasting relationships to strengthen all facets of your daily life.
  • How to turn the skills you have spent an entire lifetime mastering into a profitable business.

When you’re living one unified life, no goal or challenge is too overwhelming. You can achieve ANYTHING!

I’ve taught you my equation for Yes! Energy, but by the end of this life-changing two days, you will walk away with a plan
that is much bigger than just making money.  You leave this event re-energized, ready to live the life you’ve always wanted.  Even better, you’ll learn how to do it from the voices who have shown thousands how to get there.

Check out the full speaking line up, the gifts we have for VIPs and so much more.  You need a break, don’t you? So join us in San Diego January 28 and 29 and kick up your energy at The Dana Resort.

See you there!

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