2009 – the Year of the Cash Machine ™

2009 – the Year of the Cash Machine ™

Cash MachineThe New Year is upon us! You know what that means… prediction time!

I don’t put much weight in predictions since, as we’ve all been seeing from previous years, things are unpredictable. New variations of new situations arise on an almost constant plane. And as much as I try to steer clear of predictions one trend is dead on… 2009 will be the year of the small business, or as I like to say the Cash Machine™!

With the economy the way it’s been, more and more people are considering small businesses or self employment. What’s the difference? Really, there’s not much difference. So why the new trend? What kinds of people are hopping on the band wagon?

First of all, you know I believe there’s no better time than the present to start a Cash Machine — regardless of who you are — but the facts show, now more than ever, people from all walks of life are turning to creating their own destiny as opposed to more traditional forms of income revenue.

Economic downfalls are the birthplace of innovation. Can you believe Xerox was started during the Great Depression? When times are tough, labor and materials are cheap, creating an opportunity for those people who would otherwise not consider becoming self employed.

Are you a degreed professional in a traditional work environment facing a layoff?

Are you recently out of school and finding it difficult to land a position in your field?

Are you a baby boomer who realizes your original target for retirement is just not going to work?

Are you someone who has been beaten and battered by the corporate mold?

I could go on and on describing people who should be taking steps to creating a Cash Machine but you know who you are.

The New Year should be thought of as a fresh start with new opportunities and endeavors. It’s time to start the year by taking actions that produce results. If you have been toying with the idea of creating a Cash Machine today is the day.

So what next? What should you do first?

Education is the first step but you must remember to Earn as you Learn. If you’ve got an idea for a Cash Machine you need to know what works and what doesn’t work. Get online and learn how other businesses are succeeding and where they are failing.

Get clear. For some people, clarifying their vision is a difficult process. Plans, like maps, work best when you know where you’re going. Everything you do and how you do it is affected by your objectives. So sit down and have a date with destiny, my friend. Break out the notebook and start writing it all down.

Lot’s of people struggle with this step. There are resources that can help you get started.

I’d like to invite you to start your New Year off right with a free 30 Minute Action Strategy Session. You and I both know you’re ready to create your Cash Machine. You might just need a little nudge in one or more directions.

Ready GO!


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