3 Days to Cash Breaks Records in Las Vegas

3 Days to Cash Breaks Records in Las Vegas

Las Vegas SignLas Vegas is known for being a destination where records are broken.

A couple of years ago, Las Vegas was one of the venues when the world record was broken for – Most People on Stilts. 

Last year, a man from Ohio broke a hugging record – Most Hugs Given within 24 Hours.

And, of course, who could forget the – Largest Gathering of Elvis Impersonators?

Last week, the 3 Days to Cash Workshop joined the Las Vegas record breaking club.  Sixty-eight 3 Days to Cash attendees made a total of $56,618 in NEW MONEY.  In one seminar, an amazing 504 sales were made.   The top earners, Ace and Tasmeem Rashid made $18,600 ON THE SPOT! 

Here are our winners who made this record possible!

  • 1st place – Ace and Tasmeem Rashid – $18,600
  • 2nd place – Theresa Goss – TGO Interactive – $10,030
  • Most Sales – Denise Cook – 37 – Oracle Publishing
  • Social Media VJ Anma – 656 likes
  • Teen Category Winner –  Pazia London

In the case of ten attendees, it was their FIRST TIME AS ENTREPRENEURS to make CASH! 

21 attendees made more than 10 sales.

More than 10 sales – 21

More than 20 sales – 5

If you haven’t experienced a 3 Days to Cash Workshop – it’s time you did! If its not in a city near you, 3 Days to Cash is WORTH traveling to!

In just 3 days I will show you:

  • The 5 Steps to building your Cash Machine
  • How to Identify your Cash Machine using the Skills you already have
  • Create a VISION
  • Build a Wealth Team
  • You will learn business and revenue modeling
  • An opportunity to work with Team Leaders
  • How to take action with your business plan
  • Effective Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!
  • How to get on the money making Information Superhighway
  • You will be taught a realistic and clear sales process
  • And YOU WILL make new money BEFORE you leave THE MILLIONAIRE MARKETPLACE, Guaranteed!

Join us for our next record breaking workshop!

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