3 Days 2 Cash Workshop Application



So, since these workshops have gotten so popular, at this point, students are accepted by application only.

To ensure that everyone in the room is a right fit to be at the 3 Days To Cash workshop,

we’re asking everybody to fill out the following application for their invite request.

We find that the impact, the relationships, the value and the success of our event

increases exponentially when we curate the attendees and don’t let just anyone purchase a ticket…

As a result, we have only 100 tickets available for ambitious entrepreneurs that will be awarded through an application process.

So if this event resonates with you and you feel you could truly contribute to the community, and benefit from being at the event, please fill out this brief application below – in its entirety – and our top strategist will follow up with you to ensure you’re a good for for this event.

We look forward to hopefully having you be a part of our community!