5th Book – 5th Bestseller – All SIX Lists!

5th Book – 5th Bestseller – All SIX Lists!

When you put your intentions out into the universe and take action on them, there is NOTHING that can stop you! Case in point, I’ve been giving you the play by play as the bestseller results for my fifth book “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More” come in.  Well today it’s official, the book is a best seller on the five most important lists in the nation: Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

#1: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

#4: The New York Times

#9: The Wall Street Journal

#9: Publisher’s Weekly

#51: USA Today (all books in the nation)

This book is just the beginning of something much greater – a new movement, the Yes! Energy Movement, in which we can now become fully engaged in a new conversation, a conversation in which “Yes!” is the only answer required for success.

Sunday, March 11, I would like you to join me for a special sneak peek at Find Your Yes! Energy – my personal coaching program which will help you do exactly that!

Join me!

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