One of These 7 Drives Will Be Your Key to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

One of These 7 Drives Will Be Your Key to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

There are plenty of barriers to building multi-million-dollar wealth. The biggest barrier, however, is fear of failure.

Maybe you’re hesitant to take risks because you’ve failed at goals and aspirations in the past. You’ve experienced challenges and failures that now subconsciously act as a barrier to financial freedom…from bad decisions and investments to failed businesses. But here’s the thing; you’re always going to fail from time to time. The question is, what do you do once you fail?

Hardship is a part of life, especially for entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk didn’t become mega-millionaires overnight. Every visionary entrepreneur and self-made millionaire has an origin story that involves failure.

The key to overcoming resistance is understanding your drive.

What motivates and fuels you to create? If you fully understand your unconscious drive, it will help you shift your focus to where it needs to be and get you on the right track to achieve your biggest goals.

Your first step to discovering your unconscious drive and the path you need to be on to achieve multi-million-dollar revenue is to schedule a free Gap Analysis Strategy Session with an expert from our team. You need to know what’s missing in your strategy, and what you need to change based on your current financial situation and your business.

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Next, you must understand the 7 drives that fuel every type of millionaire. Once you are aware of them, and you discover which unconscious drives fuel you, you will only then be able to achieve ultimate success. Once you tap into it, your path to achieving your financial goals will light up in front of your eyes.

So which ones drive you?

1. The Significance Drive

The significance drive stems from the human need to feel important. Significance can come from a 7-figure salary to pulling the trigger on decisions that trickle down through the entire company. The key element? Caring. As a self-made millionaire, you might find that what makes you feel important changes over time. You need to recognize it if you find yourself shifting drives. Cancel out the elements of your business that don’t matter to you.

2. The Artisan Drive

This could easily be relabeled “Steve Jobs’ Drive”. Jobs was driven by an insatiable need to create something beautiful. This endless pursuit is what helped Apple create disruptors like the Mac and the iPod. These people want to create something they’re proud to put their name on.

3. The World Impact Drive

What is my legacy? How am I changing the trajectory of the Earth? The World Impact Drive is what fuels innovators like Elon Musk. They want to leave the world different than they found it. These entrepreneurs strive to create earthshakers and products that not only completely alter the marketplace but change the future for generations.

4. The Contribution Drive

This drive is all about giving back to the people. But you don’t have to necessarily spearhead a non-profit to help others. Blake Mikowski, founder of TOMS shoes, famously used his shoe company to give back while still earning multi-million-dollar wealth. TOMS has grown into a worldwide brand thanks to their philanthropic efforts and by giving free shoes to the needy. Does that sound in-line with your life dream? Then this is your drive.

5. The Spiritual Drive

Are you guided by your spirituality? This drive is all about creating businesses that are line with your spiritual path in life and bringing you closer to your higher power. The famed evangelist Billy Graham is a prime example of someone influenced by their spiritual drive. This is your drive if your primary goal for your business and what you do in life is to stay true to your spirituality journey.

6. The Thrive Drive

This is the drive for success. The Thrive Drive is about improving your station in life through financial means…building ultimate wealth. But this doesn’t only relate to those aspiring to be ultra-rich; the Thrive Drive is also found in a lot of immigrants who come to new countries seeking a better life. Because underneath the drive for success and wealth, is the drive to build the life of your dreams. Living your desired lifestyle is one of the primary end-goals of people with the Thrive Drive.

7. The Avenger Drive

Have you ever made a financial decision to get revenge? What about to prove a point? If so, you were propelled by the Avenger Drive. From Lamborghini to Dyson Vacuum, there are many famous examples of companies making serious profits because of their desire for revenge. The fire to succeed is often more powerful when there’s an underlying anger. The Avenger Drive proves just that.

Achieving ultimate success isn’t just about savvy investments and profitable decisions. Most importantly, it’s about discovering who you are at your core and how you are driven, and tapping into it to reach your fullest potential in life.

In order to be truly wealthy, you need to understand your subconscious desires and make decisions that reflect your inner drive. Once you recognize what really drives you, you can steer your business to be in alignment. If your drive changes, change your business with it. Because not only understanding but following and staying true to your primary drive will fuel the reason why you’re building wealth, and motivate you like nothing else to achieve your dreams and surpass your wildest financial goals.

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