With three best-selling books currently on bookstore shelves, Loral Langemeier’s national exposure continues to skyrocket in the media, through strategic marketing, sales partners and her appearances at many events across the country. Key relationships and rollouts include:


  • Principle on 2 episodes of The Millionaire Inside national TV special (aired in April 2007)


  • The Millionaire Maker: Act Think and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do (released 2-1-2006)

#5 Wall Street Journal Personal Finance List (6-24-06)

#13 Business Week (4-3-2006)

  • The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing (released 11-1-2006)

#1 USA Today Business List (11-20-2006)

#2 Wall Street Journal List (11-17-2006)

#5 Wall Street Journal Business List (11-24-2006)

#4 New York Times Business List (11-18-2006)

#44 USA Today Book List          (11-23-2006)

  • The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Life (released 6-1-2007)

#1 Wall Street Journal List (6-15-2007)

#1 USA Today Money (6-18-2007)

#5 New York Times: “How to” Hardcover Book List (6-16-2007)

#5 New York Times: “How to” Hardcover Book List (7-1-2007)

#6 Business Week: Hardcover Business Book List (8-6-2007)

#57 USA Today Business List (6-18-2007)

  • Put More Cash In Your Pocket (released 10-13-09)

#1 Amazon Movers & Shakers List (10-2009)

#5 Amazon Overall List (10-2009)

#2 USA Today Money List (10-2009)

#75 USA Today Top 150 List (10-2009)


  • Loral had an aggressive event appearance schedule yearly, appearing on over 50 stages nationwide and internationally, including:
    • Trump’s Learning Annex. Regular stage appearances at the Learning Annex events across the country, with supporting advertising focused on Loral.
    • Appearing at her Team Made Millionaire Events, Cash Machine Workshops, and Wealth Building Blitz Events, as well as on outside stages with her peers.
  • In 2008-2009, Loral again, has an aggressive event appearance schedule. She appeared on over 140 stages nationwide and internationally, including:
    • Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Stage (2008/2009)
    • Chris Howard Stages through 2008 in the US, Australia and London, England
    • Regular appearances on Harv Eker’s stage events.
    • National Keynote speaker on EWomen Network stage.
    • Tupperware’s Leadership Convention keynote speaker and other high profile stages.
    • National Achievers Congress 2010 in Singapore and Malaysia
    • Three Feet From Gold event 2009
    • Appearing at her Live Out Loud Events, Cash Machine Workshops

The View

  • Teen Millionaires segment with Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, helping two young entrepreneurs grow their businesses and help parents understand how to help their kids be successful. 2009

Jim Cramer

  • Appearances and cross promotions with CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Mad Money
  • – Weekly by-lined articles

Dr. Phil

  • Appears as Money Expert on Dr. Phil Show 2008

The Millionaire Maker Game

  • A board game that teaches people how to build wealth through asset generating ventures; launched in 2007.
  • Barnes and Noble option to host in-store game nights to attract traffic
  • Exclusive for Barnes and Noble to pre-sell the game during its launch

The Secret

  • Cross-author marketing
  • National press appearances

Social Networking Websites

The Millionaire Maker Asset Accelerator

  • Loral launched this dynamic online tool that provides users the power of modeling assets by asking simple questions and instantly charting projected results to help users plan their financial strategies.

Ongoing publicity including network, and national print: CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, ABC, web and social media outlets, etc.

Loral Langemeier Affiliates Program

  • Loral has more than 100 Joint Venture Partners that support her marketing and sales across the country
  • Over 700 affiliates in the Live Out Loud online affiliate network currently promote product sales
  • Loral’s Live Out Loud community: data base = 100K and growing at a rate of approximately 5000+ per month
  • Travis Air Force Base “Military Saves Campaigns” spokesperson

Loral’s Awards

  • In 2007, Loral’s company was named the 15th Fastest Growing Women-Owned Business in the San Francisco  Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. 2008, Loral’s company again makes the list.
  • Loral was named a 2007 Distinguished Alumni by the University of Nebraska at Omaha
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